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Parklio was named one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 competition is recognized as the most important and credible measure of innovation and technological excellence in Central Europe.

At this year’s edition of Deloitte’s competition, the 23rd one in a row, the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe were selected. Companies from 9 countries achieved placement in the main competition, where, in the end, the most successful countries were Poland with 17, the Czech Republic with 13, and Croatia with 8 placed companies.

A total of twelve companies from Croatia were placed in Deloitte’s competition this year.

Eight of them are in the main category of the 50 fastest-growing companies, and the remaining four are in the Companies to Watch category. Interesting to note is that in the additional category – Impact Stars – three Croatian companies were presented and highlighted again this year.

We are proud that one Split Tech City community member is among the eight Croatian companies ranked in the 50 fastest-growing.

We’re talking about the company Amplifico, better known under the brand Parklio.

This is a great recognition for this company from Split, so we immediately asked Dario Boras for his impressions.

Dario Boras

​​”The awarded recognition is a clear indication of the remarkable progress we have made in the business. In a very short time, we have grown from a startup with a recognizable product – our smart parking barrier – to a company that operates in over 50 countries around the world with an entire portfolio of smart parking products and has three-year revenue growth of 749 percent.

This year’s ranking of the 50 fastest-growing private or public technology companies in Central Europe is the most competitive in the 23-year history of the Deloitte initiative, which makes us even more proud of our ranking.

In addition to being present almost everywhere in Europe, last year we branched out to new markets in South and North America, the Middle East, and Australia.”

Dario proudly and enthusiastically summarized his impressions by sharing this with us: “We consider unity and team spirit to be the main secret of our success.

The next goal we are aiming for is for Parklio to become synonymous with parking!”

We’d like to offer congratulations to the entire Parklio team for this achievement, and we invite you to find out more about Deloitte’s 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Central Europe.


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