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Varyence is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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Meet another company that recently joined the Split Tech City community! Its name is Varyence, and they are a multinational company founded in the United States of America with offices in Ukraine, Croatia, and the USA.

Anđela Salapić, their HR manager, revealed more about this “global, but still local” company.

More than a million hours of experience

As Anđela told us, Varyence was founded in 2012 in New York and was initially focused on commercializing the products of American companies at an early stage of development.

Nowadays, the company is run by two American and one Ukrainian partner. They currently have over 100 employees who help clients with the commercialization of software products, web and mobile device development, AI/ML/IoT, cyber security, and cloud infrastructure services.

“We have more than a million hours of experience in technology projects.”

Croatia as a hit

While looking for a new location in addition to their existing offices in the US and Ukraine, the Varyence team evaluated many countries based on English fluency, the development of the local tech scene, the cost of living, and the availability of tech talent.

Croatia, and especially Split, captured their attention. In particular because of the open and friendly people and the general Mediterranean spirit.

Finally, a few months ago, they opened an office in Kaštela.

“Our goal is to provide our employees with excellent conditions and become one of the best IT companies in Croatia.”

As Anđela says, they are looking forward to meeting new ambitious and cheerful people in Croatia and expanding their existing local team.

Impressive achievements

We asked Anđela which projects the company is most proud of, and she listed several of their impressive achievements:

“We have developed a robotic process automation platform used by Testing Laboratories in the United States to automate the ordering and results of COVID and similar health tests.

80% of our customers have been with us since we founded our company.

99% of our business is word of mouth.”

In addition to the above, she couldn’t help but share two more fun facts with us:

“At least 4 employees’ cats have traveled to several countries and decided to move permanently to Croatia.

Many of us have a passion for cooking, so we cook fish and meat for the weekly gathering, and we always enjoy hanging out and spending time together.”

Open positions

Anđela points out that they usually always have at least a few open job positions. Their open positions in Croatia are listed here.

Among the currently open positions are Account Managers, Business Analysts, and Developers.

We asked Anđela what she would cite as an advantage of Varyence over others when it comes to hiring, and she told us that they feel that as a US-based company, among other things, they bring with them unique cultural perspectives.

Furthermore, they offer opportunities to work on cool projects and compensation based on real merit.

“Employees are our first priority, before customers and profits. Without satisfied employees, the company will not be successful either.”

Anđela points out that they are excited to notice that their employees are growing with them in their careers.

“There are many great IT companies, and we hope that potential employees will see us as one of the great places to work. We strive to be fair to employees and customers, and we encourage and welcome regular feedback from employees on areas where we can improve. We encourage people to find the right IT company that they would most like to work for, even if it is not our company.”

Welcome to Split Tech City!

Anđela says the following about joining the Split Tech City community:

“We joined to connect with the local IT community, attend local tech events, make new friends, and raise awareness of positions at our company by supporting some cool community projects.”

We are also looking forward to cooperation and joint projects. Welcome! 😀


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