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Tilde Loop is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Recently, a company whose team we had the opportunity to meet at their excellent Summer Tech Event, joined our community. We are talking about Tilde Loop, a software development consultancy specializing in JavaScript.

Their offices are located in London and Split, and their team currently has 10 members.

We discussed their work, projects, and plans with Dubravka Gizdić, director of the Tilde Loop office in Split.

Dubravka Gizdić

“We work with clients who are mostly from the UK – from small startups to large corporations – and we cooperate with them in two ways: we form our own team that develops software for the client, or our developers join the client’s development team. We predominantly operate in startups’ and investors’ circles, so most clients come to us by word-of-mouth recommendation”, explains Dubravka.

Expansion to Split

As for the expansion of the team in the Split office, they have already completed the first recruitment cycle.

“We are currently looking for three JavaScript developers and one Node.js developer.”

They focus on technological progress and prioritize the individual growth of each team member and the entire team, so they will expand the team in accordance with this and their future needs.

“Our goal is to grow, but maintain quality.”

Cooperation with startups and corporations

Behind them are long-term collaborations and multi-year projects with corporations and numerous startups, and Dubravka admits that it is difficult to single out their favorites.

“We are especially proud of our collaborations with startups that we have been with since their very beginnings. We have built excellent relations with them – in addition to doing our own job well – so we are particularly pleased to be a part of their success,” Dubravka points out.

For example, since the very beginnings of Hero, they have worked with them and helped them develop a social shopping platform that creates a more personal and convenient way of shopping that reflects today’s consumer interaction, bringing the concept of personal customer service to e-commerce. Last year, Hero was acquired by Klarna for about 168 million dollars.

The Lowdown is a femtech startup based in London. This year, they closed a $2.5 million seed round of investment to continue building their women’s contraceptive health platform. We are very proud of our work for The Lowdown, as well as the director of our London office, Marija Ziterbart who is also the CTO of The Lowdown.”

In addition to the above, they work on projects in the financial sector – e-commerce, and, among Croatian companies, they single out Infinum, with whom they have achieved excellent cooperation on several projects.

Working with the most modern technologies

Regarding the technologies they use in their work, Dubravka reveals the following:

“We work in the JavaScript stack, the backend in Node.js, and we adapt the software architecture to the needs and size of the clients, in most cases it is about microservices. We mainly use React.js and Next.js for the front end. Our team also has experience in both Vue.js and Angular.”

“We always use the best and most modern tools offered by the tech and development scene and we are up to date with the latest technologies.”

The flourishing of the IT scene

We commented with Dubravka on the development of the domestic IT scene in the last few years.

“The community is growing, with both the number and the quality of developers. It is nice to see that it is more connected than before – thanks to the involvement of individuals who recognized the need to bring the community together and took the initiative to organize it all. We are glad to see this in all of Croatia, but especially in Split. There are more and more companies, freelancers, and startups that really work on a global scale.”

Marija and Bruno Ziterbart
Welcome to Split Tech City!

Regarding Tilde Loop joining our community, Dubravka admits:

“Considering that we have just opened an office in Split, and we intend to stay here, it was the only logical move – to join the community of companies and individuals who are dedicated to the development of the tech sector in Split and the region.

We certainly want to be involved in the community and contribute to it. Bruno Ziterbart, the owner of Tilde Loop, is on friendly terms with Toni Trivković and has been following the development of Split Tech City with great enthusiasm from the very beginning.”

Tilde Loop, welcome to the Split Tech City community!


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