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Newfire Global Partners is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


It’s time to meet another company that recently joined the Split Tech City community!

Newfire Global Partners, an American IT company founded in 2016, operates on four continents and in eight countries. Ivana Bare, Talent Marketing Manager, revealed more about their work and plans related to the Split office.

Ivana Bare

The company started operations and opened its first office in Ukraine. And in Croatia, the first office was opened in Zagreb in 2019.

Currently, more than 100 people are employed in Croatia, and the business is very successful, so two new offices were opened last year – in Osijek and Split.

The Split office

As Ivana points out, the reasons why the founders of the company, after considering several countries in Central Europe, chose Croatia for business were numerous. Firstly there’s a highly educated and professional IT workforce. This was followed by the fact that Croatia is a stable and safe member state of the European Union. Bonus points were its central location and overall business atmosphere.

Croatia has immense business potential, explains Ivana, due to the excellent education of IT employees, the openness and accessibility of people who speak English well, and high professional standards.

“And for Split, in addition to all of the above, we should also add a lot of sunshine, the beautiful sea, and the incredible energy of the city and its people.”

Business opportunities

Given that they are flexible and fully support remote work, each of their new positions in Croatia is also open to candidates from Split, to whom they also offer the option of working from the Split office.

“This year, we plan to double the number of employees in the Split office, and those interested can take a look at all the open job advertisements.”

Projects that save human lives

The work atmosphere is friendly, and the Newfire Global Partners employees work in international teams on projects in the field of digital health that have an impact and solve the real problems and needs of millions of users worldwide.

“The clients we work with are mostly based in the USA. Together with them, we develop applications that literally save people’s lives.”

For example, they are working with a company that uses IoT to create virtual hospitals in the homes of seriously ill patients. Especially during the recent pandemic, when all hospitals were overwhelmed, this was indeed a matter of life and death for millions of users.

Another project they are also very proud of is similar – early detection and diagnosis of cancer. Through data science and data engineering activities, they help their clients develop solutions that contribute to the early detection of cancer. This, in turn, drastically increases the chances of curing patients.

Client-oriented technologies

The technologies they use largely depend on the preferences and requirements of their clients.

“Currently, we work mostly with React, Java, and Python programming languages, while we predict the greatest growth of projects, and thus of employees, for Angular and Golang.”

Tech then and now

Ivana also commented on the state of the Croatian IT scene:

“Five years ago, there were fewer business opportunities in Split simply because the IT scene was not as expansive as it is now. The number of companies opening offices in Split, open positions, and salaries – all of these are indicators of the rapid growth that is taking place.

The possibility of working from home, or from anywhere in the world, will only encourage this growth and development. In the past, companies had logistical reservations about hiring people from cities where they did not have offices, and today no one even asks where you live and where you plan to work from.

Only colleagues one day notice a new background scenery while you’re all on a video call and ask: “Where are you now?”

While IT people used to be true ET people (read: aliens!), now everyone knows what it means when you say that you are a programmer and that you work in IT. Even mothers know how to explain to their neighbors what their children are doing. Incredible expansion and liberalization, not only of the market but also of the mindset related to IT, are happening in Croatia.”

Welcome to Split Tech City!

At Newfire Global Partners, they like to say that their employees are a family of professionals, regardless of differences in nationalities, locations, time zones, and cultures. Although their business environment is truly global, they also value and invest in local organizations, networks, and events.

“Just like the projects we work on, we want to participate in activities that make a difference and contribute to society, and we recognized Split Tech City as an organization that shares these values we have.

And our employees are crazy about soccer! They can’t wait to compete with their colleagues at the Split Tech Cup charity cage ball tournament!”

We can’t wait to play together! 😀

Welcome, Newfire Global Partners!


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