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KING ICT is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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It’s time to meet another company that recently joined our community!

KING ICT is a company whose specialties are advanced ICT solutions that have a positive impact on society and business. We talked about their work and plans with Stipe Katušić, head of the KING ICT development team in Split.

Stipe Katušić

Their headquarters are in Zagreb and they have offices throughout the region. Overall, KING ICT employs over 720 people.

New technologies, expertise, and a personalized approach to users enable them to develop and implement solutions in areas such as transport, energy, education, telecommunications, finance, and security.

Split’s forces

Recently, they are also present in our city, which makes them really happy because they are aware that we have huge potential and want their colleagues to become experts here in the south of Croatia.

“Our plan is to expand the team, so we are constantly looking for quality and professional staff.”

KING ICT also gives young people the opportunity through their academy program, intended for those who want to be educated with the help of experts from the IT world by working on real-world projects.

Stipe invites all those interested who are ready to develop their skills by working on meaningful projects to apply for their open positions:

“As members of our team, you will be able to work alongside fellow experts and get the opportunity to gain new experiences and improve your knowledge and career!”

From kindergartens to public transport

As for the projects they are most proud of, it’s hard to single out just one.

“Many of our projects are important for Croatia’s citizens. We are convinced that every one of you has used at least one software solution that we have developed, whether you were looking for a building permit, enrolling in college, or riding public transport,” Stipe points out.

Regarding Split, the public transport application is perhaps the best to highlight among their projects: “I’m sure you’ve heard how KING ICT will work on introducing an intelligent transport system in Split, one of the most modern in Europe. The system will reduce congestion and increase safety and traffic flow.”

Furthermore, just a few days ago, KING ICT shared with the public the great news that NATO has chosen them as one of the two key cyber security partners for operations around the world.

“This means that in the coming two years, KING ICT will have responsible tasks of high priority and the implementation of the most modern cyber security solutions for NATO,” Stipe explains.

At the beginning of 2022, they also implemented a SIEM solution from the cyber security sphere for the NATO Agency (NCIA), which they are very proud of because this is proof, claims Stipe, that Croatian experts and Croatian companies can compete equally on the international market.

Everything covered!

When he talks about the technologies they use in their work, Stipe points out that they have numerous teams working on different solutions: software, infrastructure, active network solutions, technical protection solutions, and passive network solutions.

The solutions themselves, on the other hand, are developed according to the recommendations of the ITIL, IPMA, and Agile methods, applying the PMI methodology and using the best of the Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

“The team in Split is primarily oriented towards software development, where we mainly work with Microsoft technologies (.NET, MS SQL), and, in addition to the previously mentioned technologies, there is also React on the frontend, React Native for mobile applications, Java,… we’ve covered everything!”

KING ICT partners are leading global ICT companies such as CISCO, SAP, Genetec, Bosch, Oracle, VMware, APC, Dell Technologies, and others.

Welcome to the Split Tech City community!

We asked Stipe about the reasons for joining our community, to which he replied:

“We recognize the value of the Split Tech City community, which does excellent work in connecting companies, startups, associations, and other IT enthusiasts and entities. Now, when we are also locally present in Split, we want to be part of this community and part of the initiative that unites and develops the IT sector of Split and its surroundings. We are looking forward to being “a familiar face” here in Split!”

KING ICT team, thank you for your trust, and welcome to Split Tech City! 😀


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