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HR Prodigy is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Among the several companies that recently joined the Split Tech City community is HR Prodigy.

HR Prodigy is a product company that is part of the US company NEOGOV – the market leader in the field of HR software for the American and Canadian public sectors.

Software that covers the entire recruitment process

Martina Brodar, the People eXperience Specialist, revealed more about their work, plans, and employment in the Split office.

As Martina pointed out, they are not an agency but work on their own high-performing modern HR SaaS, which is used by various institutions from the American public sector, such as firefighters, policemen, cities, counties, etc.

“Our software covers the entire recruitment process, from attracting candidates and applying through onboarding to evaluations and training.”

New jobs and student internships

In the offices in Split and Zagreb, but also remotely in the rest of Croatia, the HR Prodigy team has more than 50 experienced experts of various profiles – engineering and product-related.

They currently have around 30 employees in Split.

“Given that we are working on our own product, we always have an opportunity to hire quality developers, DevOps, and business analysts.”

It is interesting to note that the HR Prodigy team also regularly works with students. Every year they organize student internships lasting 3-6 months, with the possibility of extension.

Currently, in the Split office, they have open positions for student internships.

Martina points out that their interns have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and gain experience working in an international environment.

From C# to Flutter

As for the technologies they use in their work, Martina lists the following:

“Our tech stack consists of C#, Java, Angular, and SQL – we actively monitor and upgrade our technologies to the latest versions. We created the mobile application in Flutter, so we also have a smaller mobile team.”

Challenges of the growing IT scene

Martina reflected on the progress of the domestic IT scene, stressing that the technology industry is changing rapidly, which makes it difficult to compare today’s situation with that of a year ago.

A large number of new companies, the global need for digitization, and the opening towards a remote way of working for companies from all over the world influenced, as she said, the increased demand for IT experts.

“We are all competing for a limited pool of talent, so it is important to offer quality conditions, a competitive salary, but also internal support for employees in the form of skill development and career paths.”

Welcome to Split Tech City!

We are happy that HR Prodigy has joined our community. This is what Martina said about the motivation behind it:

“Before, we were often involved in the humanitarian activities of Split Tech City, and now we wanted to increase the cooperation with the Split IT scene to a higher level and specifically get involved and dedicate ourselves to joint investment in the IT sector in Split and the region.”

We look forward to our cooperation with HR Prodigy and wish them much success! Welcome! 🙂


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