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Green Future Conference is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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In addition to IT companies, agencies, associations, and institutions, the strength of our local tech community also lies in excellent conferences.

One of these is certainly the Green Future Conference, organized by the company Green Summit. We are happy to welcome this green team to the Split Tech City community!

With successful entrepreneurs who started this conference for the future right here in Split – Ognjen Bagatin, Tomislav Buljubašić, and Marijan Čipčić – we talked about the first edition of the Green Future Conference, as well as their plans for this year.

The first edition gathered almost 1000 visitors

The first Green Future was held last year at the Croatian National Theatre and was attended by almost 1,000 visitors.

Marijan Čipčić

Marijan recalled how fifty speakers discussed the key topics of the modern world – urban and e-mobility, environmental protection, digitization of business, financing of green projects, public policies, and other news of the green transition that are in the focus of Europe and the world.

“The conference confirmed that the green transition is indeed a key topic today and of interest to every social and economic sector.”

The selection of Split last year, he points out, turned out to be a complete success because the city under the Marjan Hill is an ideal destination for congress tourism in the pre-season and post-season period.

“Split’s theater was a perfect backdrop, a combination of old and new, and Nevera by Mate Rimac was especially attractive, no one missed taking a photo next to it.”

The second edition shouldn’t be missed!

After the spectacular first edition, international and domestic technological leaders, representatives of institutions, scientists, and public policymakers will once again turn our city into the central place in Europe for topics related to green transition.

Ognjen Bagatin

Can a mobile app make food waste a thing of the past? Can Croatian cities become smart? Are electric vehicles really the future or just a temporary fad? Can a Facebook group save the planet?

These and other hot topics of today will be discussed during the second edition:

The focus of this year’s edition of the Green Future conference, which will be held on June 1st and 2nd at the Croatian National Theater in Split, will be on sustainability and green transition through technology.

“This year, our goal is to create a platform for the gathering of key people from the public and private sectors whose decisions will affect the lives of all of us in the years to come. In addition to attracting top speakers, we want to create a stimulating atmosphere in the beautiful city Split for connecting, and exchanging ideas and experiences, so that everyone can participate in the green transition together, for the benefit of our companies, institutions, and cities, as well as society as a whole”, says Ognjen.

Tomislav Buljubašić
Speakers who can share so much

Tomislav, on the other hand, revealed more about this year’s program. Among the confirmed speakers are:

  • Adam Carver, CEO of Bitgreen, which combines blockchain technology and green innovation to channel capital into the most important sustainable initiatives
  • Marko Mišulić, founder of Rentlio, the Croatian cloud platform for managing tourist facilities, which closed the last year before the pandemic with an income of HRK 4 million and a quarter of a million HRK profit
  • Maksim Haartsen, founder and CEO of Tekeya and creator of a mobile application that fights against food waste and plans to expand from Egypt to other countries in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Tijmen Sissing as a backpacker decided to clean up plastic from a beach in Malaysia which became a viral video on Facebook. In just a few days, The Trashpacker has gathered 10,000 followers who have so far cleaned up 400 tons of waste and educated over 45,000 students about the dangers of plastic waste
  • Detria Williamson has raised over $6 billion in capital for companies such as IDEO, Emirates Airlines, Discovery Channel, and Accenture
  • Matt Crisp is one of the UK’s leading creative thinkers on cities, inclusion, invention, and technology and their impact on the environment, economy, and people. He is the chairman of the Amsterdam Think Tank, which focuses on the issue of mobility, a partner of the smart city consultancy SmartPublic and a mentor for startups at Georgetown University in Washington
Welcome to Split Tech City!

We asked this green team why they decided to join us, and Marijan explained:

“We wanted to support an excellent local initiative and be part of a truly renowned family of Croatian tech companies that are members of Split Tech City.”

We are glad that our city will once again host this important conference, and we are especially happy that we will regularly inform our readers about the program that awaits us!

Welcome, Green Future!

Photo credit: Green Future Conference


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