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FIVE, an Endava company, is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Among the big agencies that have recently opened an office in our city is FIVE, an Endava company.

Given that they also joined the Split Tech City community, the time has come to introduce them to you in more detail. Everything you might be interested in was revealed to us by their COO, Boško Kustura.

Application development and focus on users

FIVE is a digital agency that started working in 2007, and, in March 2021, it joined Endava, a global company that shares the same values and a similar business model as FIVE.

Boško Kustura

Today, in offices in Zagreb, Split, Osijek, and Rijeka, FIVE employs more than 300 experts in the design, development, and growth strategy of award-winning digital products and systems. Its clients are global companies from various industries in the American and European markets.

“Our main activity is the development of mobile, web, and business applications.”

They do Product Discovery to ensure they find the best possible solution to the problem they are solving for their client and are focused on end users:

“Everything we develop is tailored to the needs and mindset of our end users.”

FIVE also offers Growth Marketing services – through various types of analysis and diverse campaigns, they ensure the success of digital products and are the leader in this field in Croatia.

The latest technologies

They work on a large number of projects and with numerous clients, which requires a high degree of adaptability in terms of the technologies they use.

Traditionally, FIVE is one of the leading companies in the creation of digital products in the form of mobile and web applications. All modern technologies from the Apple and Android ecosystems, as well as React, ReactNative, Angular, and Kotlin Multiplatform, are represented in FIVE’s teams.

“By joining Endava, the number of projects from the segment of business applications increased, which resulted in the building and strengthening of teams in backend technologies from the Java and .Net world. We have also built DevOps competencies to respond to client requests on increasingly large and complex projects,” explains Boško.

Featured projects

When we asked him to point out the projects they are most proud of, he admitted that it was difficult for him to single out just a few:

“All the projects we had the opportunity to work on taught us new things and allowed us to grow into the company we are today.”

For example, Napster and Rosetta Stone are a point of pride because they have long-term cooperation with the biggest brands in their domain.

On the other hand, The Phoenix is ​​a project where they had the opportunity to directly influence people’s lives through the creation of an application for support, treatment, and recovery from drug addiction disorders through fitness, other meaningful activities, and community building.

Crestron was a technically demanding project considering that it included a lot of hardware for smart homes, and it was from this project that some of the leads who lead our teams today “were born“. Global Payments, on the other hand, is one of the clients we have had the opportunity to work for since we became part of Endava. They are a fintech product technologically and very impressive in terms of the number of users.”

Positive changes with Endava

Regarding their entry into Endava, Boško points out that this step means additional stability and potential for growth.

Endava is a UK company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has more than 11,000 employees, and has achieved more than 50% revenue growth in the last year.

“Endava brings us new clients and types of projects, so that, together with our standard projects, the FIVE teammates now have the opportunity to work on much larger enterprise systems in fintech, payment, banking, telco, health tech, media, and other domains,” he explains.

In addition, there is a highly developed internal community with a focus on learning and knowledge exchange.

The flourishing of the domestic tech scene

We asked Boško to comment on the domestic tech scene, with special emphasis on comparing the current situation with that of five years ago.

According to him, Croatia is a fast-growing IT market, and, in the last five years, the situation has changed significantly with the entry of foreign players into the market. In addition, he continues, we have several local companies that have grown and are doing brilliant things.

“We are particularly pleased with the growth of the tech scene here in Split, which, until a few years ago, was limited to 1 or 2 larger and more traditional IT companies.

This growth we see today gives people greater choice and better opportunities for training and career development. We certainly encourage competition and are happy about the fact that people no longer have to move to larger cities to be able to work on more interesting and larger projects.”

Joining Split Tech City

They currently have 30 employees in Split and a large number of open positions. Their plan is to double the number of people and build all their development, QA, and PM/BA teams by the end of the year.

“In development, we are currently focused on Java, React, Angular, QA, Mobile, and .NET.”

Regarding joining the Split Tech City community, Boško says:

“We see Split Tech City as an excellent platform for meeting, spreading, and exchanging ideas, interests, and practical knowledge online or at in-person events.

We look forward to connecting our fast-growing team with the community that will soon have the opportunity to visit us at our new office in Split!”

We are also looking forward to it and wish FIVE a lot of success! Welcome!


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