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Devla is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Another multinational company has become part of our community. We were joined by Devla, whose offices are located in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Visoko, and Split.

They specialize in metaverse development and comprehensive software solutions. They were founded in Germany and currently, together with external collaborators, have around 100 employees.

Get annoyed as little as possible!

Kristian Radić, CPO at Devla GmbH and the head of the Split office, told us more about their work and plans.

Kristian Radić

Kristian revealed to us that there are currently ten of them in our city, but soon more new colleagues will join them.

In a year and a half, they count sixteen people in Croatia, and they hope that this number will soon double in our country, as well as the region because they plan to open offices in Sarajevo and Zagreb in the next quarter.

“The team is constantly growing, which makes us very happy. Our plans, like any company, are to earn as much money as possible, have employees who are as satisfied as possible, and get annoyed as little as possible.”

Very desirable projects

As for the projects, Kristian is proud that they are doing both web 2.0 and web 3.0 projects, and he highlighted some of them for us:

Picamory – a shopware mobile/web app that allows users to select photos from their gallery or from their social media and use those photos to create a custom printed photo (polaroid, postcard, etc.) or photo book.

Payfoot – the project contains virtual football islands with a social community that offers a unique virtual football experience. Through the 2D social community, which is connected to the metaverse, the user can connect with other fans, find communities and promote the club’s business. Users can support their club, play exclusive challenges, and win exclusive NFTs.

Ultron Metaverse – For them, Devla designed and built a soccer game, a social community, and an island where land can be bought as NFT. The soccer game offers users the opportunity to live the career of a soccer manager.

A look back

When Kristian compares the current IT scene in Split with that of five years ago, he points out that the situation is much better now:

“It is better, not only because a large number of foreign and newly opened companies appeared, but because remote work is no longer taboo.

The city has also recognized the potential of the IT industry, workshops and lectures are regularly held, faculty programs are frequently updated, and Split Tech City is no longer a community in its infant stages but the essence of this city.

Finally, people and the market are opening up. We are no longer afraid to share knowledge, acquaintances, connections, and advice.”

Events such as the OpenCoffee and Tinel meetups, the Dump Days conference, and the like have influenced the shaping of the new generation of Split’s tech scene, Kristian points out, adding that he believes that in five years, an even more drastic shift awaits us.

An unbreakable bond with Split Tech City

Interestingly, Split Tech City had a great impact on Kristian’s personal and professional development:

“I was there when Split Tech City was still just an idea. My first laptop still has the startup.hr* sticker. At that time, I was still a student looking for a job and more experience. With the help of startup.hr, I attended my first IT conference (Shift), which led me in this direction.”

At the very end of this conversation, Kristian gave us some nice words of support:

“The results of the Split Tech City association show how much the city needs it. Given that today we live locally and work globally, I think that every company and individual needs a platform like this.”

Welcome, Devla! 😀

* Before its rebranding, Split Tech City was known as startup.hr. Our association’s official name is STARTUP – an association for the promotion and development of the IT sector in Split and the region.

Photos: Devla


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