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CodeMage is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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We are pleased to see that more and more companies recognize our work and the efforts we are constantly investing to encourage and develop the tech sector of Split and the region. One such company is CodeMage. They have recently joined our community, so we talked to one of its founders, Krešimir Čondić, about the company, as well as its challenges and future plans.

CodeMage is a small, recently launched software company from Split, whose founders gained invaluable experience by volunteering with the DUMP Association, one of the local tech ecosystem builders with which we have excellent collaboration. Aside from gaining experience, the CodeMage team also recognized bad patterns that emerge while working in big corporations, dreaming that one day they will do everything opposite in their company! 🙂

Soon after, they got in touch with Tomislav Vajić, the founder of the BitcoinStore platform. They gradually began to upgrade the platform and, as the volume of the work grew, they recognized a reliable client in BitcoinStore. So, at the beginning of last year, they decided to turn their plan into a reality.

“The main motivation for starting the company was our desire to create quality and long-lasting digital products,”

reveals Krešimir and adds that together with his colleague Marija he wanted to be a part of the project from start to finish on all levels.

“Currently, one part of the company is working on the existing BitcoinStore platform, and the other part is working on developing an exchange system that will rely on the purchased version of foreign code, but with a certain custom feature.”

“We work by the principle of greater freedom”

There are 5 members of the CodeMage team, and all of them are focused on finding new clients as their future employment depends on the success of that search.

“It’s not our idea to grow into a large corporation of 200 people, but to have a maximum of 10 people in the team.”

Working by the principle of greater freedom allows CodeMage employees to ask anything. Every topic is discussed transparently, without excessive formalities and insistence on holding meetings, conducting educational sessions, and the like.

“The most important thing for us is a job well done.”

“We are always open to new business opportunities”

CodeMage is primarily focused on web projects, but they are open to interesting ideas regarding other platforms.

The technologies they use in their daily work are .NET on the backend and Vue.js and React on the frontend.

“Although we are focused on end-to-end work when it comes to our projects because we want to be part of the project from start to finish, we are currently in a transition period. Therefore, for us, it is okay if a larger company has certain smaller projects for which they do not have the resources, but would like us to jump in as a self-contained team and do the work that is needed.”

The ideal scenario for the CodeMage team is to be a creative partner in ideas whose implementation has yet to begin: they cover all roles in the software development cycle, and product quality always comes first.

“We care about the local community”

As many as three out of five CodeMage members had their beginnings at the DUMP association, where they were used to the culture of sharing knowledge and experiences.

“We care about the community, we want to connect even more, and anyone is free to contact us – we will happily go for a cup of coffee and share experiences,”

sums up this young and ambitious DUMP Association member.

We will surely hear of their work in the future, and Split Tech City wants to thank them for their support and will keep cheering them on! 🙂


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