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Caelor is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Among the many companies that have recently become part of our active community is Caelor. It is finally time to share their story with you, too!

Caelor is a global software development company specializing in Atlassian application development.

Boris Belohradsky is the Head of Design at Caelor, so we sat down to talk with him about everything they do and what they strive for.

Atlassian geeks

Boris revealed to us that their most important goal is to bridge the gap between Atlassian Data Center and Cloud applications.

Boris Belohradsky

Namely, many clients are switching to the Cloud, so there is a great need for the functionalities they had on the Data Center versions.

“We are Atlassian geeks with a strong passion for product development. With numerous extensions for Jira and Confluence, we want to make the cloud instance as attractive as possible.”

Creating their own applications

To realize this, they create applications that improve the user experience and simplify collaboration between teams.

Thus, MacroSuite is one of the leading Confluence Cloud content formatting applications.

Furthermore, to improve the employee experience with Jira and Confluence but also to inject a little bit of fun and motivation into everyday work, they created Trophies.

“Trophies is an application that can evaluate all activities in Jira and Confluence. Additionally, you can customize it to best suit your team. For example – for each ticket resolved you can get 10 points, or for each page you make you can get 5 points. And of course, you determine the reward for those completed tasks,” explained Boris.

Focused on end-users

We asked Boris what he considered to be Caelor‘s greatest distinctiveness, and he did not hesitate to answer:

“We are focused on the end-user experience, so their opinion is very important to us for any improvements. Together with numerous Atlassian partners, we develop software solutions tailored to the needs of each user. The fun fact of Caelor is that most of our applications were created at the request of clients.”

A diverse group of developers and creatives

Caelor has offices in Zagreb, Split, Zadar, and Cologne. The Caelor team, most of them currently in their twenties or early thirties, combine office work with working from home.

The Caelor team consists of Atlassian experts, highly motivated developers, creative designers, and experienced product managers.

“We are a diverse group of developers and creatives. We are proud that, regardless of the different locations, we work as one team and that the results we had so far confirm that fact. Whether you are part of our design, marketing, or QA team, you are involved in the work, planning, and results of the company as a whole. And yes, we are all big Atlassian fans!”

Caelor is just at the beginning of expanding their business even more, so they are constantly looking for new employees. They currently searching for DevOps Engineers, JavaScript Full Stack, Java Script Backend, and React js. developers.

Welcome to Split Tech City!

Boris admitted to us that the people of Caelor are already actively following the work of Split Tech City.

“We saw all the great projects you’re doing, so we wanted to be a part of that story. We are excited about everything the community has to offer, and all we can learn!”

At the same time, of course, they want to introduce Atlassian tools and show how apps like theirs can make life easier, but also that Jira is not that complicated.

We are sure the young and ambitious Caelor team will succeed in their plan. We wish them good luck and a warm welcome to the Split Tech City community!


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