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AISMA is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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Split Tech City community is richer for another member!

AISMA is a research and technology center based in Milan. In addition to Milan, Turin, and Cremona in Italy, they have offices in Samobor and Sarajevo, and their plan is to open offices in Split and Mostar soon.

AISMA founder, Amir Topalović, revealed to us what else they have to do with our city and why they decided to support our work.

Artificial intelligence, IoT integration, data science

AISMA is engaged in the development of innovative products based on technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT integration, Data Lake solutions, and data science.

“These are the things we have been dealing with for years, and we have combined them by establishing AISMA in 2020,” explains Amir. He adds that they currently have over 50 employees, along with additional external associates.

“We hire experts in data such as analysts, scientists, and engineers. In addition to them, there are AISMA’s experts for the development of innovative applications adapted for the web or for mobile devices. ”

AISMA’S plan is to increase the number of employees in 2023 and expand their business to Croatia.

“By the end of the year, we will intensively start to employ, and we will definitely inform the Split Tech City community about it. In the first round, we expect to employ data experts – scientists, analysts, statisticians, and engineers. ”

Development of innovative products

AISMA develop both – internal products, as well as external ones for their clients.

“We started with our internal products, such as our first project to develop a flexible Data Lake solution for the production in Italy – a combination of Data Lake, IoT, AO,” Amir recalls.

Amir Topalović

Their customer products include a complete service of developing a project, applications for EU funding, development of innovative products, project management, etc.

AISMA’s clients come from various industries, from production and finances to the entertainment industry and sports.

“Our goal is to create a long-term relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and creating products that make a difference together.”

Their main output is an internal product based on a Data Lake solution and designed specifically for production. Numerous clients from Italy are participating with them in the project.

“Additionally, we develop various tools for health control in the health industry and sports, where we are also sponsors of basketball and football sports clubs with which we have long-term cooperation in innovative projects,” explains Amir.

Aside from their internal products, the AISMA team also develops products with their clients. Some of them are:

  • preventive maintenance in the production aided by AI
  • customer segmentation in the financial industry
  • advanced text analysis – sentiment, influential topics analysis, entity extraction
  • simulations in the automotive industry
  • AI systems of recommendations in e-commerce
Open-Source technology

In their work, the AISMA team uses a lot of different technologies – depending on the project and the goal of the project they’re working on. However, it is mostly open-source technologies with several commercial products that supplement the open-source.

“When it comes to open-source technology, we use mostly R and Python programming languages for data science. There’s also JavaScript Framework – most commonly Angular. The commercial tools we use are Clouder, Databricks, AWS Cloud Services for Data Science, Tableau and PowerBI for analytics, and others such as H2o.ai for machine learning.”

Welcome to Split Tech City!

In addition to their plans to open an office in Split, AISMA’s CTO, Živko Krstić, is responsible for the special connection with our city.

Živko Krstić

As a student, Živko was active in the local community with his association, as well as initiatives during the very beginnings of Split Tech City. Therefore, the decision to join was very easy, said AISMA’s founder Amir.

“AISMA supports all ideas that are in line with our vision and contribute to the development of the community. So it’s not uncommon for us to participate in the organization of international conferences, meetups, and competitions, but also in sponsorship and supporting associations and initiatives like this.

The work of Split Tech City coincides with our vision, and we are happy we can be members of such a quality organization.

We are also planning to participate even more in the work of the Split Tech City association itself, mostly through the mutual organization of interesting lectures of experts from abroad.”

Thanks, Amir and Živko! And welcome AISMA! 🙂


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