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Agency04 is a new member of the Split Tech City community!

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The Split Tech City community is enriched by a new member – Agency04! Although they did not have an office in Split at all until recently, they have always been considered in some ways as a “company from Split”. That is because one of the Agency04 founders is a Split native.

From the very beginning in 2014, they have been dreaming big dreams, but they are also successfully realizing them.

“Agency04 was founded with a vision of developing digital solutions for large and complex scenarios. We didn’t want to position ourselves as a company doing small projects, such as websites.”

They admit that it was a pretty ambitious plan for a company that started with 2 employees because small companies can hardly get big projects to work on.

“Today, when there are 150 of us, we are still microscopically small compared to our average client.”

You are worth as much as you know and contribute

The company rapidly grew and reacted even quicker in building its organizational structure. At any given time, they have about 10 open positions in offices in Zagreb and Split, and they are also open to fully remote employment. Working hours are always flexible, and they nurture a culture of knowledge, in other words: you are worth as much as you know and contribute! This rule applies to all roles – technical and non-technical.

“Statistics today say that approximately 50% of people are still happy to come to the office, although there is no pressure to work from the office.”

07/06/2019, Zagreb – AGENCY04, Croatian software development company. Domagoj Madunić, Roko Roić, and Mihael Sedmak. Photo: Tomislav Miletić/PIXSELL

Their projects are complex and often involve many years of collaboration. They are working on core technologies for Delivery Hero, the large cockpit system for Strabag, a substantial Blockchain and NFT project for Fantasy Football, DevOps platform for, etc.

“We don’t do small projects and simple scenarios.”

The technologies they use are Java, Scala, Go, Kotlin, .Net, and Python in the back-end and modern Web approaches in the front-end. They also work on iOS, Android, and Flutter projects. They use modern Cloud technologies, as well, such as AWS, Google Cloud, and OpenShift, all of them, with a flawless and pixel-perfect design, of course.

Ended 2021 with 40% higher revenues

Asked if the pandemic affected their business, they said that the lockdown, as a concept for battling coronavirus, harmed them in the sense that it caused stagnation of the entire user base and endangered all projects:

“But that was short-lived and everything quickly returned to full swing.”

Over time, global awareness of the need for digitalization has become stronger than ever, and soon they felt the resulting peak in the influx of customers, and that wave continues today.

Compared to 2020, for them, 2021 ended with a 40% higher revenue.

“Seeing Šolta from the window”

The atmosphere at the new Split office, which overlooks the Split Channel and Marjan, is currently enjoyed by about 10 of the 150 Agency04 employees. The team says they aspire to make the Split and Zagreb offices equal, with the same profile of employees.

Their Split office is located at 22 George Washington Street

“Split has a huge pool of experts, with an excellent university and a long tradition of the IT scene, and the tech community in Split is also very active.”

About connecting with the local tech community

“The community in Split is very active, so we want to be present and offer the community some interesting knowledge exchanges and mentoring programs. Of course, we also want our connectivity to expand together with the growth of our team.”

Agency04 continues its growth

This year, they plan to exceed the number of 200 team members. Therefore, if you want to become part of their Split or Zagreb team, take a look at their career page.

In the global market, stagnation is out of the question because they want to keep offering the best projects and conditions to their team.

Split Tech City wishes them a lot of success, and we will be the wind in their sails along the way.

Photos by: Agency04


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