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Kàko in the street – launching the 2nd issue of this independent magazine!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Initiated by Ivan Blagajić, Nives Bošnjak, and Alen Marić, Kàko is a magazine independent of the advertising industry, in which content comes before form and in which there is no place for hastily written stories with insufficient information that exists only to meet set quotas.

Tomorrow at 19:00, this creative team will present the second issue of Kàko magazine at the Kolo Skateboard Club in Split.

The theme of the new issue is – street. The street has a different meaning for each of us. Some were scraping their knees on the city streets, for others it was the country road behind their grandmother’s house. For some, it meant warmth and home, for others it induced fear and trembling. Some looked to the street for an escape from the reality of their own four walls, and others – for inspiration.

“There is something intangible and powerful in the moment when a person arrives in a new city – and takes first steps through its streets – observing the faces of passers-by more carefully, hearing the sound of heels hitting the pavement more clearly, absorbing colors and smells more intently, and sometimes remembering to look up.

We imagined this issue of Kàko magazine just like that – as a walk through a new city to which we set out with intention.

The street is an inexhaustible gallery of artistic interventions, an open museum of architecture, as well as a space for public discussion and the fight for human rights. For some of us, it is a kind of educational institution, and for many, it is a place where they can freely express themselves.

Everyone is invited to the launch on Saturday to take part in a true Kàko celebration!

Of course, you will be able to enjoy yourself and hang out with a great group of people, as well as buy the magazine on the spot,” shared the Kàko magazine team.

A bit about the second Kàko magazine…

In the second issue, Slaven Kosanović and Mislav Lešić-Đurakov interviewed each other about the artistic work, magazines, comics, and music that shaped them while growing up and dived into comparisons of the street art scene of the eighties with today’s.

Petra Slobodnjak told the story of Peščenica through photographs, Emil Čančar brought us a report on the coexistence of Zagreb streets and food delivery people, and Duje Kovačević analyzed what the street gives and takes away from the LGBT community. Željka Klemenčić and Ivan Blagajić wrote sentimental stories about growing up “on the street“, while Reper iz sobe dedicated an ode to streets.

Through this issue, we also question why we spend time out “on the streets” and what the street is in the context of growing up in the countryside, what it means for women who sell fruit in Vietnam, and how it determines the life of an autograph collector who a hundred years ago went around the world twice – on foot.

This issue of Kàko magazine is special in many ways, but perhaps the most special is its cover. 166 covers were hand-painted by Slaven Kosanović Lunar and Mislav Lešić-Đurakov.

Yes, you read that right, this is not a print, but each cover is hand-painted and as such – completely unique.

Since these are real works of art, the price of these limited editions is €30, and you will be able to get to them using the “fastest finger” method. The cover of the rest of the second edition is decorated with a photo by the Kàko magazine graphic editor Alen Marić and will be sold at the regular price of €20.

Join the Kàko magazine celebration tomorrow at Kolo Skateboard Club in Split starting at 19:00!

Photo credit: Kàko magazine


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