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Green Future Conference: seen from a different point of view

Split Tech City

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Green Future

Consider for a moment, the most pressing matters that we face today. Certainly, a wide array of answers come to mind depending on the person.

However, the question has been clear or became so for those who attended the Green Future Conference in Split, Croatia:

How do we move forward in cleaning our planet, while providing the solutions for future generations so that they may live sustainable lifestyles, in harmony with Mother Earth?

On the stage of the gorgeous Croatian National Theater, the answer to this was tackled from various angles: environmental change, clean energy sources, and e-mobility. Along with how legislation and investment opportunities can help us to achieve our goals related to those key areas of concern.


It’s no secret that modern society has been exploiting natural resources at an exponential rate for the past 200+ years. Ever since the industrial revolution, humanity has decimated forests, burned incessant amounts of fossil fuels, and relentlessly polluted the land and sea we so desperately rely on to survive.

Marques attending one of the Split Tech City events

Time is of the essence for us to put our minds together as a collective species before the damage we’ve caused becomes irreversible.

The good news is, that by taking small steps in changing our daily habits, we can cause a massive shift towards a green future.


Alternative solutions to fossil fuels already exist in the form of solar, wind, hydro, wave, and geothermal energy. The technology is available for us to begin the transition and the incentives are irrefutable.

Based on a nearly five-year-long study by the LUT University in Finland and Energy Watch Group: “A global transition to 100% renewable energy across all sectors – power, heat, transport, and desalination – before 2050 is feasible.

The energy transition is not a question of technical feasibility or economic viability, but one of political will.

Not only do we need ambitious targets, but also stable, long-term, and reliable policy frameworks adapted to regional conditions and environments.”

Attendees of the Green Future Conference

By now, most of the stigma behind electric vehicles has disappeared and the infrastructure to support them continues to grow.

Alongside automobile manufacturers Rimac and Tesla, incredible work is being done to provide the market with electric aviation, public transportation like the hyperloop, and personal EVs such as scooters, bicycles, and skateboards.

Ultimately, the possibilities and fun to be had with electric vehicles are endless! Much like the future of mankind if we were to make a concerted effort to repair and restore the balance with nature.

Personally, after attending the Green Future Conference, I strongly believe that the willpower of all the brilliant minds currently involved will spark a long-lasting determination in favor of the green transition.

Providing us all with the inspiration to think smarter and live greener!

The article was written by: Marques Moore

Photos by: Green Future Conference & Bruno Dubravec for Split Tech City


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