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Green Future Conference: Split to become a true tech city with the Smart City App!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Next week, the Green Future Conference will take place at the Croatian National Theater in Split. The conference will bring together business people, scientists, and public officials from all over the world to exchange experiences on the topic of green transition.

Among more than 40 Green Future speakers, we will have the opportunity to hear from the former Austrian and current Croatian Minister of Tourism, bank executives, marketing experts who worked for Facebook and Google, the Mayor of Split, as well as representatives of Glovo, Candela, and numerous other international companies.

Conference for a better future

“Split was an obvious choice for holding the conference because of all the comparative advantages this city has and the fact that events of this scale are really lacking in the region”, said Marijan Čipčić, one of the organizers of Green Future.

On June 1st and 2nd, on the stage of Split’s National Theater, the representatives of tech companies, the public sector, activists, scientists, and business people will talk about topics that are relevant to all stakeholders in society, the co-organizer of the conference, Tomislav Buljubašić, told the gathered journalists:

“We are focused on solutions that have already been implemented and that our companies, cities, and other segments of society can immediately put into practice, but we also want to show the top ideas of Croatian companies so that the world can learn something from us.”

Smart City Expo

The city of Split has prepared the Smart City Expo, which will be situated in front of the theater building for the duration of Green Future. This will be an opportunity for the City to introduce to its citizens the services offered by city companies, all of which are the result of digitization implemented in recent years.

The presentation of the application developed by the City in the past period, which is primarily intended for citizens – the Smart City App, will be particularly interesting.

Through the Smart City App, citizens will have personalized communication with the city administration and can pay their bills free of charge.

“Through the application, citizens will be able to receive some significant information in real-time, such as information about road works. We will also present digital solutions developed by our trading companies and institutions.

In this way, we will show them the advantages of digital communication and simplify their lives, and at the same time facilitate the work of our local administration”, said Antonija Eremut Erceg, head of the Service for the Development of the City of Split.

Examples of good green practice

Alijana Vukšić, director of Split’s Tourist Board, and Ivana Vladović, director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, pointed out that the Green Future Conference is an example of an event that should happen more often in Split, and Stipe Čogelja, the deputy prefect of the Split-Dalmatia County, emphasized that the county was happy to support this project:

“This project also symbolizes our efforts for digitization and environmental protection, which we have been working on for years. I look forward to seeing examples of good practice from around the world, but also to present some of our solutions to our foreign colleagues.”

The representatives of the sponsors and partners of the conference, Mateo Perak from Profico, Dean Marušić from Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Stanka Babić from International Medical Corps Croatia, and Ines Borčić from OTP Banka addressed the journalists, expressing their satisfaction that such an event was being organized in Split.

A great opportunity for sustainable startups

Let’s add that as part of the Green Future Conference, where more than 1000 visitors are expected throughout the two-day program, the Startup Challenge will be held for companies that develop innovative solutions in the field of sustainable development.

Representatives of ten startups will be able to present their eco-idea to the jury, and, in addition to prizes and expert advice, they will be given the opportunity to network with industry titans and investors.

You can find all the information about the speakers and a guide to buying tickets on the official website of Green Future, as well as on all their social networks.

Photos: Milan Šabić


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