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A great success of a company from Split: Eindhoven Airport is the newest client of NAIS!

Split Tech City

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We are always happy to follow the successes of companies that are members of the Split Tech City community. The reason for this cheerful Monday is the excellent news that NAIS shared with us. 😀

Niko Airport Information System, abbreviated as NAIS, is a company that develops software solutions for airports, and a few days ago they made a deal they could only dream of:

Eindhoven Airport beacame NAIS’s newest client!

Goran Leutar, NAIS’s director, explained to us how the cooperation came about and why this is such a great success.

For a simpler and more pleasant flight

NAIS has been operating since 1992, and it is interesting that it initially started as a computer education school.

“Today, we are the only company in Croatia that deals exclusively with the development of software solutions for airports,” said Goran.

Goran Leutar

Their goal is to simplify the work process for clients and provide passengers with a better travel experience.

Some of the many examples are their self-check-in terminal and web-check-in module, through which passengers can check-in for the flight themselves, which significantly shortens their time waiting in lines at the airport.

Call our guy!

Goran revealed that the cooperation with Eindhoven Airport came about – by chance!

“Former associate of Pula Airport, Dean Boljunčić, moved to the Netherlands six years ago and started working at Eindhoven Airport. I learned about him from my colleagues and contacted him last year.

Dean worked for a long time at Pula Airport, where the NAIS system is used, so he is very familiar with our work. He explained to me that the needs of the airport in Eindhoven are slightly different from those of Pula, and together we worked on new solutions.

A few months ago, we presented Dean with two new modules that we “tailored” according to their needs. After several additional meetings, we were all satisfied with the solution and – that was it! We started our collaboration!”

We asked Goran to explain in more detail which of their products Eindhoven Airport uses:

“The Eindhoven Airport uses our new cloud service (SaaS). Currently, they have taken two planning modules – Slot Capacity and Pax Prediction. One is for flight schedule planning, and the other is for resource planning around passenger dispatch.”

Agility from Split

It was interesting for us to hear how the Dutch liked the agility of the NAIS team: “We are still a relatively small company, and that gives us the agility that big companies don’t have.

We have adapted some of our existing solutions and, after receiving feedback, finally adapted them to their needs, so that those solutions would be useful for the Eindhoven Airport team. They were very impressed by that. Because of this approach, we have already started talking about potential new collaborations on new projects.”

Best of all, this collaboration opens the door to the Dutch market for NAIS as some other airports in the Netherlands have similar problems, and NAIS’s solution could also help them.

“It is certainly in our favor that Eindhoven is now one of our users, and it will serve us as a reference going forward,” Goran is optimistic.

It is worth mentioning that the airports in Brač and Mostar recently started using the new NAIS system – the cloud application (SaaS).

We congratulate NAIS on their success and wish them many more “conquered” airports throughout Europe! 🙂


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