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Split Tech Cup: giving back by having fun!

Nikolina Kukoč

Nikolina Kukoč


This weekend another edition of the Split Tech Cup was held at the Sports Center Mačak. Like its previous editions, held in 2018 and 2019, this humanitarian cageball tournament’s sole purpose was to gather funds for buying laptops for children whose families don’t have the means to do so.

The initial idea behind the first Split Tech Cup, organized by Split Tech City with the Sports Center Mačak as a partner, was to bring technology closer to children and young people from families who aren’t able to secure a laptop or other technological devices for their child, and by doing so, also create new opportunities for those children.

This idea remained the same throughout the years!

The Split Tech Cup, therefore, continues to be a fun event that brings the tech community closer together with a common charitable goal in mind.

In the previous editions, the funds for numerous laptops for the children were secured and DUMP Association added an educational aspect to the whole venture by providing the children with workshops where they got introduced to programming.

And we’re on a good path to make it happen again!

The tournament managed to assemble 21 “IT cageball” teams willing to have some fun out there on the court and also help us gather the needed funds by paying the 1800 HRK tournament fee. This means that the total donation amount of the Split Tech Cup 2021 is 37 800 HRK!

The teams behind this donation are: 7IT,, AGILO, Aspira, Connecto, Ericsson, FEG, HR Cloud, HR Prodigy, Internazionale Split FC, IT Sistemi, Klikeri, Motus Natura, OpenCoffee, Sharp Agency, SPI, SplitX, Travel Soft, TuDuMuun, Vizual, and Vrh Komunikacije.

Aside from their willingness to help out, they brought with them a lot of positive energy and fighting spirit!

And while, throughout the tournament, some teams were better than the others, no one left the court without a fight and made their opponents work hard for every scored goal.

In the end, the Motus Natura was the winning team!

Some of you might remember them from another Split Tech City event – this year’s Festival of Technology and Entrepreneurship – where they held an interesting lecture on being productive by keeping yourself healthy through movement.

We might even say we’re not exactly surprised they took the 2021 Split Tech Cup trophy home. The rest of the IT teams should definitely heed the advice they gave us at the Festival and surprise them next year by winning the next edition of the Split Tech Cup!

Now that the tournament is over, what we’re especially looking forward to is the handover of the laptops to children in January at the premises of Caritas Split! As we want to let the children know that computers are not only for the Internet, school, and gaming, we will provide them with workshops to introduce them to the magical world of technology.

We would like to thank every single team for joining us once again in making the world a better place by combining tech and charity! We are immensely proud to be surrounded by such wonderful people in our tech community!

Photos by: Bruno Dubravec


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Nikolina Kukoč

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