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AI: Embrace the power or ban the threat?

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


We’d say: let’s demystify and understand first! And we’re going to do that through openness: having an open mind and a public and open discussion about AI.

That’s why we combined forces with CroAI and are bringing you an AI-themed meetup in Split! 🙂

And since we love collaboration, this will be a collaborative event across the board connecting CroAI, GreenFuture Conference, and Split Tech City.

It will also be an event where education will be the key to the demystification of artificial intelligence and where you will get the chance to discover how AI is influencing and re-shaping our day-to-day lives, as well as our work and more.

The way we’re going to make AI more understandable to all in attendance will be through an interesting and engaging panel discussion that will bring together experts from various fields, and not just AI:

  • Nikola Bojić – a designer and researcher at the forefront of technology and the future, involved in international projects and initiatives presented worldwide
  • Federico Cristoforoni – co-founder of Net Zero Insights, driving climate tech market intelligence
  • Mislav Malenica – founder and director of Mindsmiths, with expertise in AI, human behavior modeling, and game theory
  • Ivica PuljakMayor of Split, a physicist, professor, and advocate for promoting science and its value in Croatia

So, expect a discussion that will bring AI closer to you!

Aside from the panel discussion, the first CroAI meetup in Split will also bring us all together for a bit of networking which is always the highlight of all of our community-building events. In this aspect, CroAI, an association founded in 2019 whose work brings together leading companies and startups in the field of AI in Croatia, has very similar values to Split Tech City.

Therefore, it makes us happy that we are collaborating on this event! 😀

And to further connect the community that will be present in Split due to many events happening in May and the beginning of June, we thought it would be a great idea to bring the team from GreenFuture into the mix as they are also focused on bringing together the key players from public and private sectors, something that we hope to achieve with this first-ever CroAI meetup in Split.

We’ll be expecting you on Wednesday, May 31st, at Smartspace starting from 19:00, so – sign up to attend and save the date!

Join us and let’s delve together into the impact artificial intelligence has on our lives! 😉


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