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MARTECHiNG is a startup company focused on developing interactive and innovative martech products with data collection and analysis. We are building a video communication platform with products that will contribute to the development of interactive martech solutions, and we believe in creating disruption in this specific area.

The first product of our company is Mr. Popper. It is based on video recognition technology, multi-screen advertising, and video/mobile communication with gamification/award-winning elements for end-users. The product helps digital publishers to win back distracted, multi-screen video users. It is also a great solution for keeping users attention in a multi-screen world and for making them loyal to the brand. It also increases the number of installations brands’ mobile apps and the activation of passive users of brands’ mobile apps.

In one sentence – our product turns video ADs into a fun, interactive, rewarding game.

There are three people in our team: Darko Majić (CEO / Co-founder and Partner – with professional experience in the field: Digital Marketing, UX / UI Design, Product Management, Martech, IP.), Tomislav Šajgo (CTO / Co-founder and Partner – 3D Modeling and Animation, Video Production, CGI.), Dino Majić (Business Development Manager – SEM, Analytics, Sales, Telco.)

The team is currently active in locations – Split and Samobor, driven by curiosity, creativity, innovation, technology, and maintained by persistence, friendship and humor.

Marteching Solutions d.o.o.

Adresa: Vukovarska 25, Split
OIB: 01639965206

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