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GammaChef Team

Đulijano Nola and his partner Dražen Drnas started working on developing a robot chef 5-6 years ago, primarily for fun. The idea was to create a robot that can cook any dish in one pot, and the only thing a person needs to do is insert the ingredients and press the button.

In the beginning, they were drawn by their “culinary-engineering” curiosity, but after a year they decided to create a business out of it.

“This is a story about food and technology because we are equally passionate about both things. We believe in technology, but not one that creates a distance between us… ”

Basically, GammaChef follows the steps of a real human chef, adding the right amount of ingredients at the right time, while also controlling other cooking parameters (mixing and temperature settings).

The robot-chef can prepare risotto, pasta, gnocchi, stews, soup, or any meal that can be prepared in one pot. It comes with several digital recipes, but that is not all – it also allows you to download new recipes or even an entire cookbook from the GammaChef store (the so-called Kindle for cookbooks).

Gamma Chef d.o.o.

Adresa: Marka Marulića 20/A, Mravince
OIB: 81086854718

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