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We are a new and small software development company from Split, founded with the goal of developing quality and long-lasting digital products. We are focused on end-to-end projects because we want to be a part of the story from beginning to end on all levels. Our biggest client is Bitcoin Store from Split, for who we develop various systems for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrency. There are currently 5 of us, with aspiration for expansion in the nearer future.

Regarding technologies, we use .NET on backend and mostly Vue.js and React on frontend. Primarily focused on web projects, but we won’t say no to interesting ideas on other platforms 🙂

We are always open for new business opportunities, and we especially aspire to partner fresh ideas whose implementation has not yet begun. We cover all roles in the software development lifecycle, and the quality of the product is our primary concern.

We care about the community, especially as we draw roots from volunteering in a local educational association. Anyone can feel free to ask us about anything, we are glad to share a trip to the coffee shop and talk about our experiences.

Formico Diligenter d.o.o.

Adresa: Vukovarska 95, Split
OIB: 97945023114

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