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Split Tech City: introducing the CatchingUp series!

Nikolina Kukoč

Nikolina Kukoč


A long, long time ago, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said the following: “Change is the only constant in life.

And we can definitely agree with our pal from Ancient Greece because, as everyone in tech is aware, that change is also happening very quickly in this industry. That’s why we decided to embrace change and launch a new series – CatchingUp! So, what’s this all about?

Well, everyone already knows we always like to showcase our tech community and its development. 🙂

We already did it on a larger scale with the Ecosystem Overview we launched that will be updated every six months to keep up with the growth of Split’s tech community. We also offered you an opportunity to keep up with all things Split and tech via the English version of our newsletter.

That is all nice and neat, but what we also wanted to do is to give you a more in-depth look at all the changes and updates the members of the Split Tech City community might go through. These changes, no matter how big or small, happen through hard work and dedication but sometimes might even go unnoticed.

Basically, once more we’d like to get someone into the spotlight! 😀

Only this time, instead of shining a light on an individual, we’re going to get an entire company to enjoy some well-deserved highlights of their efforts. And we want to hear it all when we #CatchUp with you!

Split’s budding tech community has been steadily growing and gathering momentum in its development, and one sure way to highlight the changes in our tech ecosystem is to make everyone else aware of them, too.

So, get ready for some interesting answers to the question: “Hey, what have you been up to lately?” 😉

Cover photo: Julio Juraga

p.s. So far, we have caught up with: scaleup Office Split, littlecode, Agilathon, Blank, Bitcoin Store, and Tilde Loop


About author:

Nikolina Kukoč

Researching is woven into my DNA, but I am a musician at heart. Interested in too many things and always curious. Forever in love with Split and enchanted by people who teach me new things. When I am not creating content about Split's tech community, you will find me in singing rehearsals, somewhere in nature, in the theater, or with my head stuck in a book. I do my best to live by the verse from the opera "Fedora" by Umberto Giordano: "Love forbids you not to love."

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