Catching up with Toni Trivković, Founder of Split Tech City

Split Tech City has only just been launched however it is the result of years of hard work by the local community, including one guy and his team. We caught up with that man – Toni Trivković – this week to see how things have started and hear his hopes and plans for the future.

It all started 10 years ago when Toni started the first meetup in Split, OpenCoffee, to break the shackles people often found themselves in, with limited networking opportunities and connections seen negatively. Then, 3 years ago, he opened a non-profit called The goal of this was to mobilise and energise the IT sector in Split, which still needed a bit of a shake-up.

After a two years of growth, last year was a time for consolidation and reflection, as Toni and the IT community met numerous times to think about what was next. It was time to take to the next level, to expand its remit and put Split on the global map. This coincided with a boom in the number of meetups and more and more local techxperts founding their own startups. The timing was perfect.

Split Tech City will continue to have goals at its core, it will continue to develop the local ecosystem, promoting companies, connecting the sector and investing in individuals. But now, with a stronger and better connected tech community, it will strive to do more with a louder and unified voice. Before Split had a plethora of knowledge, and now it has the experience to back this up, to move forward as a highly attractive place to live, work, develop and build yourself, your staff and your business.

We will be hearing from Toni on a regular basis, to share how Split Tech City is achieving its goals and engage you in our story.

Watch the video interview with Toni, along with other videos, on our YouTube channel.


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