Three Reasons Why Foreigners Move to Split

Split attracts hundreds of digital nomads every year thanks to the growing coworking scene and perfect summers. It can also boast a large number of freelancers who, given their ability to work from wherever, have decided to settle in Split or on an island nearby, and finally there are those foreigners that have moved here to set up a business in IT or other areas. On our YouTube channel you can watch videos why freelancers and startups should come to Split.
There is a sizeable community of foreigners here that have decided to move here for one reason or another. They come from a range of countries, from Chile to Eritrea, and Canada to Egypt, and not surprisingly, come from an equally diverse set of professional backgrounds and sectors.
Why is it that a place like Split can attract people from all around the world, and not just for two weeks but to spend months, years and in some cases the rest of their lives?
We asked around and it seems most people fit into these three categories.


The Diaspora

Throughout the time of Yugoslavia and then during the Homeland War, this part of the world saw people leave to pastures new – Australia, USA and Canada to name but a few. Unfortunately, this seems to be repeating itself again, as young people leave Croatia to Germany and Ireland in search of greener grass, however we are also witnessing returnees and Croatian diaspora choosing to come back to their roots permanently.
Many of the foreigners here have some sort of connection to Croatia – be it a mother, grandmother or great-grandmother. Some come looking to trace their ancestors and are often able to due to the long heritage each town and village has held on to. It has created this meeting of worlds, the East and the West, and with it they bring their own culture, their own ideas and compromise of what works best.


The Lovebirds

Split guys and girls are stereotypically tall and dark, with a certain smile and attitude which seems to have wooed a number of the foreigners living here now. Whether it be the style and warmth of the women, or the ruggedness and practical knowledge of the men, this seems to be the second biggest group of foreigners living here.
They may not have had any connections to Croatia before but there are quite a few that have now fallen in love and married into the Split way of living – for better or for worse. Families here are generally tightknit, and you are always welcomed with feasts fit for kings, but one thing they must remember is the mother-in-law rules supreme.


The Weirdos

We’ve covered the main two reasons people come here, and if you’re one of these then generally you’re quickly accepted. However the final group we are politely labelled the weirdos, because as much as you give perfectly acceptable reasons, you’re still looked at this way and once again asked ‘but why are you here?!’.
Split’s culture and history… the climate… proximity to nature… the sea… the sense of community… the reasons continue to pour out of their mouths, and for those of us who have chosen to move here for these reasons we understand them fully.


So which group will you fit into when you move to be a part of Split Tech City?

If you’re thinking of moving to Split, feel free to get in touch for advice or information. We’ll be sharing tips here at #splittechcity and you can get a glimpse into our lives using #splitlifestyle.

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