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STup!2024 applications are open until May 30!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


After another successful STup! competition held last year, the Student Business Incubator at the Faculty of Economics in Split is getting ready for the newest edition of this international university startup competition.

As in all of its previous editions, the STup!2024 university startup competition is designed to encourage young entrepreneurs, startups, and researchers who will have the opportunity to share their passion for entrepreneurship and present themselves to international investors, incubator leaders, and accelerators with programs for proactive students.

Furthermore, this competition aims to enable all competitors and visitors to connect with each other, encourages the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and culture among students, and allows the exchange of experiences at the international level.

The main goal of STup! is to support university-level and scientific-research startups and allow young entrepreneurs to present their work on the international startup scene. The organization of the STup!2024 competition will be handled by students who have the desire to support their fellow students in the realization of entrepreneurial ideas.

Like last year, the STup!2024 competition will be held in Split at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Split.

Therefore, don’t miss your opportunity to join the organizers and other teams in our beautiful city of Split on June 20 and 21, where the fabulous team from the Student Business Incubator is preparing another great event.

This competition is just one of many activities of the Student Business Incubator to promote the city of Split as a city of young people who have all the necessary opportunities and support in the realization of their entrepreneurial ideas. For them, Split is a community characterized by creativity, ambition, and courage, where young people just need to be given an opportunity to show what they’re capable of doing.

This is exactly what the STup!2024 competition offers – it sets the stage for young people to present their innovative ideas which will then attract the attention of renowned experts and potential clients.

Applications can be submitted in an online form on the official STup! website until May 30!

Considering how amazing the STup! competition is year after year, not being a part of it would be such a shame, so make sure you apply your startup team on time and – see you in Split next month!

Photos: Student Business Incubator


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