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Split Tech City Festival Speaker: Andreas Spechtler

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


We continue with the introductions of the program and the people of this year’s Split Tech City Festival! As many already know, this will be the third year in a row the Festival is taking place and the second year we have an International Day on our program.

On September 9th in the marvelous Bačvice Open-Air Cinema you can attend a #STCFestival day full of inspiration and good vibes!

And inspiration will come from our speakers and panelists. You already had the chance to get the feel of what the Festival is all about, so now is the time to meet one of the Split Tech City Festival speakers.

Andreas Spechtler is the founder and CEO of Silicon Castles – a Tech Company Builder and Strategic Business Accelerator for technology startups with a focus on intellectual property (IP) licensing businesses.

With years of experience in the technology and licensing business, digital entertainment, and marketing and sales at global corporations such as Dolby, Sony, and Real Networks, Andreas knows quite a lot about failure and success.

At this point, he can look back to 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, as well as involvement with startups and startup incubation within global corporations.

As mentioned, he is currently leading Silicon Castles, and with the rest of the team works on developing European Diamonds: tech startups with unique business ideas, scalable technology, and outstanding intellectual property – three things they consider key to achieving global success.

The Silicon Castles team is also very present in Split’s startup ecosystem having already organized and held the first Diamond Lab in Split and preparing for this year’s Startup Executive Academy (SEA).

At this year’s Split Tech City Festival, Andreas will give a talk titled: “Key Success Factors for Worldwide Tech Business”.

Throughout this lecture, you will find out how to drive accelerated growth (get to 100 million users or customers quickly), and how to create a product or service that solves a problem – not for the founders – but for users around the world. Andreas will also let us know how to properly develop the technology that supports the product one brings to market and why IP (intellectual property) is extremely important for this.

Furthermore, we will hear about the importance of the complementary relationship between the market and sales, as well as the proper alignment of the mission and the vision of a company, but also about how to enter the global market and grow, i.e. how to make the business successful on a global level and what is needed for such growth and development.

We have no doubt you will learn a lot during this lecture, so go get your Festival ticket!

See you in the Bačvice Open-Air Cinema on September 9th for a big dose of inspiration, a lot of good vibes, and a great time overall! 😀


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