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Startup Europe Regatta puts wind in the sails of domestic and international startups!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


This week, from October 4th to 6th, Split will come alive again as the host of a unique event – the Startup Europe Regatta. From presenting startups to sailing in Split’s waters, the Regatta will make sure everyone gets strong winds in their sails!

Throughout the last few years, it has become clear that Split is more than a beautiful tourist destination. The increasing number of startups, as well as their growth and progress have made the capital of Dalmatia a real tech oasis. And the realization of another edition of this leading startup conference for the 5th year in a row proves that this is not just yesterday’s news.

We all hear about startups, without asking ourselves what it even means. In short, a few smart minds, who focus on creating innovative solutions, often in the technological world, come together to solve some problem or need that has not yet been solved.

Startups will once again be in the spotlight on Split’s Riva

Riva will be the place to be for all of you who would like to meet ambitious people who will share their business visions, which today are just startups, but have the potential to become serious companies in the future.

Anyone who happens to be on Riva during the conference days this week will have the opportunity to meet almost 100 different startups – both local from Split and the region, from Croatia at large, as well as international. For the Startup Regatta to truly be a regatta, after the conclusion of the two-day conference, there is an entire day reserved for sailing in Split’s waters, combined with socializing and getting to know each other in a more relaxed environment.

Therefore, at the Startup Europe Regatta, not only do people connect, but also dreams and ambitions!

This conference gathers investors, partners, and startup founders from various parts of the world. It also provides an opportunity to meet and socialize with like-minded people, develop strategies with business investors, acquire new knowledge from experienced mentors, and much more.

Nowadays we have the privilege that 100 startups in attendance is not an unattainable number, but at the first conference not so long ago in 2019, the situation was significantly different, and the idea of Split’s waterfront full of startups seemed impossible.

At the heart of the story about startups and Dalmatia is Digital Dalmatia – a real catalytic force that shaped Split’s startup scene.

Their commitment to the development of the local startup ecosystem has been going on for years through various activities such as educational events, organizing a startup academy, connecting with mentors and investors, and even financial support.

Now, in partnership with experts from Zagreb, Digital Dalmatia raises the whole concept to a completely new level by organizing this conference.

Another reason to attend this year’s Regatta – Digital Dalmatia Day!

The big news of this year’s Regatta is Digital Dalmatia Day! After great past successes and huge interest, another day – dedicated to the local developer and startup scene – was added to the conference agenda. This special day provides an opportunity to meet the best experts in the industry and opens the door for networking, collaboration, and continuous learning.

The head of Digital Dalmatia, Damir Brčić, emphasized that the organization of an additional Digital Dalmatia Day is a response to what local startups are looking for.

“Digital Dalmatia has been a partner of the Regatta from the very beginning and thus brings a lot of top names to Split at the same time, providing local startups with an opportunity that they otherwise lack. The Regatta will once again bring together pioneering and innovative technology companies from the fields of digital technologies, FinTech, and GreenTech, at the same time attracting investors who invest in these spheres and key stakeholders who support the expansion of the startup ecosystem.”

This conference is a not-to-miss event for all startups looking for progress.

All members of the Dalmatia Startup Community can participate in the conference completely free of charge, as well as in all accompanying events such as the evening in Villa Dalmacija and the sailing regatta departing from Split.

Such opportunities are often either far away or too expensive, but Digital Dalmatia, aware of these obstacles, always provides its startup community with precisely what they need.

At the very mention of Split’s startup ecosystem and this Regatta, we are talking about continuous mutual growth. Each Regatta became a step forward towards positioning Split as the fastest-growing startup city in Croatia and bringing even better opportunities and possibilities with each event.

Don’t miss meeting the local startups at Riva this week and find more details about the Regatta at the official event website!


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