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SPRINT methodology and startups, with Tadej Muršič

Michael Freer

Michael Freer


Studentski Poduzetnički Inkubator (Student Entrepreneurial Incubator) recently organised a 5 day SPRINT methodology training workshop for their mentees. With a few spaces remaining, they opened it up to the public and were pleased to involve some digital nomads who were currently living and working in Split too, adding to the dynamism of the event and adding even more of an international vibe.

The SPRINT Methodology was put into words in 2014 by Jake Knapp, a former Google and Google Venture employee, and is now used worldwide to streamline and time manage product development.

Thanks to their extensive networking, SPI had previously met Tadej Muršič, and invited him to run the workshop. It wasn’t a full SPRINT, but a tailor-made one with the goal of pushing the participants and their ideas forward, and developing a prototype ready for testing.

Tadej has a plethora of experience in running SPRINTs, as he works across three companies, constantly developing new ideas, creating prototypes and figuring out the best way to market these new products to the world.

His startup, Alledio, provides an energy saving solution for commercial buildings, and as we talked before the interview he told us that the best way to learn the SPRINT methodology is through repeat use in a variety of situations, and not necessarily just for products and services but also models and procedures too.

We thought it would be good for him to share the key parts of the Sprint, to whet your appetite. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch and we can share more resources with you.


About author:

Michael Freer

Michael moved to Split at the end of 2015, and after a year and a half of living here, he decided to open his own start-up Ensoco. Ensoco supports social entrepreneurs with starting their own businesses, and with this in mind he saw the perfect fit to volunteer at Startup.hr.

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