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Million euros for Split’s startups: Split Tech City partners with the VC fund Silicon Gardens!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


This year, we decided to give special attention to those who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey in the tech sector.

To those who are bursting with new ideas and enthusiasm, but face challenges such as lack of resources, information, people to talk to, etc.

This year we are putting a special emphasis on startups!

We have already announced the launching of the Split Tech City Startups Meetup, whose first edition is approaching fast. We’ve prepared everything for it, so keep an eye on our website for the upcoming announcement with all the details.

However, today we’re here to reveal another great piece of news, one that will certainly make a lot of Split’s startups very happy.

Split Tech City has entered into a partnership with the VC fund Silicon Gardens!

Silicon Gardens is the leading startup community in Slovenia. They help the most promising Slovenian startup teams and have increasingly started aiding startups in the region, as well. Their support is in the form of financing (VC fund Silicon Gardens Fund II), practice-based mentoring, and community contacts.

Silicon Gardens is rooted in community development and that makes it different from other funds. The Silicon Gardens team managed to establish a community with more than 450 company founders, entrepreneurs, and experts from a variety of fields.

So it comes as no surprise that their slogan is: “Founders for founders!”

They are constantly working on creating opportunities for startups, and soon they also plan to launch their third VC fund, much larger than the current one. It will be the largest private fund in Slovenia, and for those reasons the Silicon Gardens team is expanding outside their country because they want to promote entrepreneurship and practice-based and experience-based mentoring.

“When we were looking for partners in Croatia, Split Tech City immediately seemed like an ideal candidate because it is not only one of the leading technological communities in Croatia but also a community with which we share the same values. There are many similarities between our communities, so that is why Split Tech City was our first choice”, explains Kristian Asani, Head of Community&Programs at Silicon Gardens.

What does our partnership specifically mean for Split’s startups?

Silicon Gardens will invest from 50 thousand to 1 million euros in selected startups – members of the Split Tech City community!

“Common values were crucial in concluding this partnership. Until now, through Split Tech City’s activities, we have provided startups with excellent opportunities for education and networking, and, with this partnership, we are adding access to capital. We are proud that in this way we can offer startups the opportunity for smart money investments”, points out Toni Trivković, founder and president of Split Tech City.

In addition to supporting the most promising startup teams in Split with funding, knowledge, and contacts, our partnership with Silicon Gardens will strengthen the entire tech community, too.

We invite all startups to become members of the Split Tech City community, take advantage of our support, and apply to the VC funds of our partner Silicon Gardens!

We are stronger together! 😀


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