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Split International School moves to a new campus location!

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The new Split International School campus will open between Klis and Dugopolje, fully equipped with a playground, exercise facilities, a community garden, a picnic area, and outdoor discussion-style educational spaces set in a natural pine forest.

Split’s first international school opened its doors last September and welcomed over 50 students, representing more than 14 different nationalities and native languages. Digital nomads, expats, locals, and returnees from the Croatian diaspora have flocked to the Split International School for its welcoming and culturally diverse community, as well as its globally recognized educational programs.

Spurred by this exciting growth, and an anticipated enrollment of over 100 students next year, we have opened a new world-class campus to serve the incredible demand for international education in the Split-Dalmatia region.

The new campus is located between Klis and Dugopolje and is less than 25 minutes drive from every neighborhood in Split, Solin, Kaštela, Stobreč, and Podstrana. This central location allows families from the entire Split-Dalmatia region easy access to world-class educational facilities comparable to those found in global cities such as New York, San Francisco, London, and Singapore.

“The opening of an international school campus is an exciting and important step for the educational development of the Split-Dalmatia county,” shared Tomislav Đonlić, Head of the Department for Education, Culture, Technical Culture and Sports of the Split-Dalmatia County.

Antonio Kuzmanić, the Deputy Mayor of Split added: “International education is a key enabler of economic development and investment, and is essential to Split’s growth and the future prosperity of the Adriatic coast.”

Maud Truchi, an international businesswoman and investor, shared her thoughts on the importance of the new school campus and its regional impact: “The amazing possibilities of offering an international school in the Split-Dalmatia region will bring a tremendous opportunity to so many local and international families and will help the whole of Dalmatia to bring more families and businesses to our community.

The new campus, surrounded by nature, is a wonderful environment for our children to grow, and the quality of the chosen teachers is truly remarkable, putting the school at the highest levels of international education.”

Built on 28.000 m2 of forest and grassland, the campus will be fully equipped with a playground, exercise facilities, a community garden, a picnic area, and outdoor discussion-style educational spaces set in a natural pine forest. Located across the street from our campus is over 500.000 m2 of protected Croatian National Forestry Service land, adding to the natural feel of the location.

The new school buildings have over 1500 m2 of high-quality indoor educational spaces, a library, cafeteria, fabrication lab, and multipurpose facilities comparable to top private schools globally, along with the potential to expand to over 3000 m2 of space to support future growth.

Through the school’s collaboration with the Center of Excellence of Split-Dalmatia County, the Split International School campus will be made available to local students participating in extracurricular activities and enrichment programs in the area of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) disciplines.

Ivica Zelić, Director of the Center of Excellence of Split-Dalmatia County, shared his excitement about the new facilities: “Our collaboration with the Split International School in the area of educational robotics has already broadened Croatian students’ experience by exposing them to new technologies and learning methodologies. We are excited by the opening of this new international campus and to have its facilities available to students in the Split area.”

Transportation to the new campus will be supported by a new private school bus service similar to those in use in other major international cities. Service will be provided to neighborhoods throughout the city of Split, from Meje to Žnjan, to allow students the convenience of direct transportation.

The expected travel time of the bus service is 30 minutes from its starting to terminal points, with many neighborhoods enjoying transportation times of less than 15 minutes. Through this service, all of Split will be able to access world-class educational services and facilities.

The families are excited about the new campus location, the continued growth of Split International School, and its broader impact on the region. “Split has been waiting for a proper international school for a long time,” shared Tatiana Paviluk, a Ukrainian mother, entrepreneur, and long-term Split resident. She added:

“My eldest son attended boarding school in London, but I’m very excited for my younger daughters as this new campus exposes children to nature in a way that isn’t possible in a city.”

Wayne T. Slappy, a financial advisor from Los Angeles who relocated to Split with the digital nomad visa program, has fallen in love with Dalmatia: “We couldn’t be happier with our decision to come to Croatia. Split International School has been an integral part that helps us make Split our home, and I’m sure the new location will only add to the variety of options for our children.”

Perica Bosančić, the mayor of the municipality of Dugopolje, shared a special welcome: “We are honored that Split International School has chosen us as its new home. We are fully convinced that we will have an enviable level of cooperation and that this is just the beginning of a very successful story. Welcome!”

Images by: Split International School


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