Split becomes a part of Startup City Guide!

We have entered a great week for local and regional startup community – thanks to our volunteering team’s effort, Split has just become one of the cities on the map of Startup City Guide, that presents focus points of European startup scene to the whole world!

This project developed under the aegis of StartUS magazine is the main component of StartUS network, established for a purpose of creating better connections and new partnerships among the members of growing European startup community. Along with Zagreb, Split will be the only Croatian city featured on this more and more recognized viewer of cities that are most suitable for joining the vibrant community. This network provides all their users and interested individuals with a chance of finding a job in leading European startups, publishing job offers that will be served to target audience, as well as meeting new and interesting like-minded individuals and potential employers. Also, all the information regarding sources of finances, incubators, accelerators and coworking spaces in other European cities can be found here. There’s also an overview of upcoming seminars, lectures, conferences and similar events, as well as daily updated aggregator of news and updates form the world of startups.

Of course, when the representatives of StartUs network contacted us with an offer for writing an article that will emphasize key possibilities of Split, we just couldn’t miss the opportunity. In this way, Split will publically be presented as a city with thriving IT revolution, being a perfect evironment for starting a company for every entrepreneur and expert. Aside from numerous advantages of establishing startup in Split that range from ideal geographical location already recognized by millions of tourists, to encouraging and fast-growing community, we have mentioned numerous meetups and events that take place in Split on a regular basis. We have also explained volunteering possibilities oriented on ensuring progress of IT scene (every individual can cotribute), as well as coworking spaces where one can meet freelancers from all around the world. We have also covered funding possibilities, organisations and companies that can provide valuable advices, as well as successful startups concieved in Split. In short, we have displayed Split in the light it deserves!


We hope that putting Split on the map of European startup centres will help in overall progress of the whole region. Split is relatively new and still fairly unrecognized in terms of IT industry, so it’s about time someone changes that. Hundreds of highly educated individuals, experts and students, freelancers and enthusiasts waiting for their big shot will connect with whole Europe. Entering StartUS platform, Split will become recognized as a perspective environment for IT sector by both enthusiasts and employers.

On the other hand, we expect that we’ll match the expectations of StartUs magazine in terms of quality and quantity of given information. As a group of volunteers investing their hard work and valuable time to the overall progress of local IT community, we tried hard to give an objective view of Split that will encourage individuals from all around Europe to contribute in strengthening Croatian IT scene. Famous companies like Ericsson and HR Cloud have opened their offices in Split many years ago that operate successfully and often give students internships. It’s time for the rest of the IT scene to recognize our city.

To keep it short, follow this link and read our Split Startup Guide!

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