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SeekandHit honors and celebrates years of dedication!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


The tech and marketing company SeekandHit recently celebrated significant employee milestones, highlighting the dedication and loyalty of team members who have been with the company for nearly or more than a decade.

As summer kicks off, SeekandHit reflects on the tenure of its colleagues, with about a third of the company having been with them for five to twelve years.

This longevity underscores the strong community and positive work environment fostered at SeekandHit.

Founded back in 2007, SeekandHit was a small team of just six people up to 2013. Over the past eleven years, the company has experienced significant growth, particularly in 2022, when it welcomed more than twenty new team members.

Memories wall at SeekandHit office

Today, the SeekandHit team is a diverse group of over 60 employees, specializing in engineering, digital marketing, and data measurement.

“It’s fascinating to see how everyone’s journey has evolved over time,” said Mario Frančešević, CEO of SeekandHit.

“Some colleagues joined us when we were uncertain if our efforts would pay off, and they’ve been pivotal in bringing us to where we are today. Others joined straight from university as interns, and now, eight years later, they’re team leads.”

Mario at one of the Split Startups Meetups

The dedication and hard work of long-term employees have been important in driving SeekandHit’s success and shaping its vibrant company culture. These veteran team members now mentor younger colleagues and interns, sharing their wealth of experience and guiding their career development.

To commemorate these milestones, SeekandHit went beyond a traditional celebration. The company commissioned a custom-made drawing by renowned Croatian artist Klasja Habjan. Additionally, those celebrating their ten-year anniversaries were given the option to choose from several unique rewards, including the opportunity to fly a Spitfire plane in the UK.

Part of the SeekandHit team that realized the first-ever MeasureCamp in Split

“Our goal was to create a memorable and meaningful recognition for our dedicated team members,” added Mario.

As SeekandHit looks to the future, the company remains committed to fostering a supportive and innovative environment, building on the strong foundations laid by its dedicated team.

For more information about SeekandHit and its commitment to employee development and work, visit their website or follow them on social media (LinkedIn & Instagram). Or you could come to the Split Tech City Festival in September and meet some of their team members there! 😉

Congratulations, SeekandHit! 😀


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