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SCALEUP ACADEMY: Learn about presentation skills, feedback, and design!

Split Tech City

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Good news for everyone who would like to improve their skills and knowledge to become more successful in the business world comes from the largest coworking space in Dalmatia: scaleup Office Split is organizing Scaleup Academy in September!

It is a series of educational events that will be held at Poljička cesta 39, where the scaleup Office Split is located.

Dunja Vuković – presentation skills and giving feedback

Two training sessions will be in the field of human resources management and will be led by Dunja Vuković, psychologist and HR consultant.

The Presentation Skills workshop will be held on September 23rd.

Presentation is one of the key skills in the business world, but also in life in general. That is why it is important to learn how to present your ideas and messages clearly and convincingly and to motivate the audience to take action.

The Giving Feedback workshop will be held on September 30th.

Giving feedback is an inevitable part of the business environment, but also of everyday life. Quality feedback allows us to improve our performance, improve communication, and develop as people.

The head of education, Dunja Vuković, has a master’s degree in psychology, and she gained her 12-year experience working as a psychologist in human resources.

She worked for large financial institutions in the banking and auditing sectors, as well as in the IT and advertising industries.

She also gained special experience as an HR consultant, where she had contact with various industries on various HR projects, and is a certified NLP Leadership practitioner and NLP Coach, and has passed the first level of behavioral-cognitive therapy.

“My motto is that each of us can and should be satisfied at the job where we spend most of our day. Therefore, this guiding thread is woven into the HR practices and processes that I help create, as well as the training, coaching, and selections that I hold.”

Nikolina Jerković – design

In addition to human resources management, with Scaleup Academy you will be able to learn more about design from Nikolina Jerković.

The Basics of Design workshop will be held on September 28th.

Design is very important in our daily lives because it is in everything around us – from the objects we use to the websites we browse. Basic principles of design help us understand how to shape a visual message and how to capture the attention of an audience.

The lecturer, Nikolina Jerković, is also the owner of Llano Agency. After attending the School of Design, Graphics, and Sustainable Construction, she entered the University Department of Professional Studies in Split and obtained a diploma in IT.

She has been working as a visual communication designer since 2013, specializing in branding and rebranding of products and services intended for end consumers.

Since 2017, Nikolina has been teaching graphic design through group and individual instruction, and since 2018 she has been working independently in her own design and branding agency called Llano. She is also the author of the book on graphic design“Looks Aren’t Everything”.

“I am a visual communication designer of the newer generation, which means that I deal with design – whose task is non-verbal communication between the one who sends the message and the one to whom that message is intended. My passion is helping small brands and mentoring budding designers.”

You can see all the details about the mentioned workshops on the scaleup Office Split website.


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