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Fashion and technology: Infobip, IUTD Studios, and Blank presented the NFT hoodie!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Among the latest interesting things from the domestic tech sector is the launch of a designer clothing line!

Blank, Infobip, and IUTD Studios have launched a limited series of innovative Infobip NFT hoodies. This venture represents one of the first such examples in the Croatian tech scene.

More than a hoodie

Hoodies are often among the favorite pieces of clothing of many developers, which is why this clothing item is distributed at many technology conferences.

Therefore, Ivan Burazin from Infobip came up with the idea to create the first fashion line with unique pieces of clothing that people will be proud to wear.

In realizing his idea, he collaborated with the young designer Joshua Čirjak, owner of IUTD Studios.

Connected in diversity

The font on the front of the shirt was created after Joshua wrote the word Infobip several times, put the paper in the scanner, and shook the scanner several times to distort the image.

The names of Infobip’s offices and their well-known slogan – Worlds Connected – are printed on the back of the shirt.

The most interesting parts of the hoodies are the badges representing each country where Infobip’s offices are located. Only two to three colors and simple lines were used in the design of the badges, and the biggest challenge was to come up with a symbol for a particular country.

They wanted to enable people from all over the world to collect and combine badges on their hoodies.

Wanting to emphasize the international nature of the project, Ivan and Joshua organized a promo photoshoot in Korea. They hired a famous stylist who worked on campaigns for Balenciaga and Chanel and two Korean influencers as models.

An important contribution from Blank

Blank’s team participated in an important part of the process of creating this NFT hoodie. Antonija Mihovilović, head of Blank’s marketing department, told us more about this:

“We helped them merge the NFT technology with the hoodie and were in charge of setting up smart contracts for NFTs, a webshop for the sale of the hoodie, and a web application for confirming NFTs.”

The entire shopping process, Antonija explains, is very simple and intuitive.

“Every buyer of an Infobip Worldwide hoodie will be asked for their Polygon address before completing their purchase. Once they receive the shirt, they will be able to download their NFT by touching the NFC tag, which opens the option to add it to their digital wallet.

No payments (gas fees) are required for the hoodie owner since Infobip’s backend service will create (mint) the NFT for him. Once added to the wallet, anyone can tap the NFC hoodies and automatically authenticate via OpenSea.”

We are happy to hear that this is just the beginning of a great collaboration.

The plan is to create an entire fashion line that will be present in the physical and digital world.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, be one of only 300 lucky ones who will wear the first piece resulting from this creative collaboration and get your Infobip hoodie at hoodie.infobip.com!


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