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Meet the artists of Motion Plus Design Split!

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We have concluded the third Split Tech City Festival, but that doesn’t mean September will be uneventful from now on. Quite the contrary because Motion Plus Design finally came to Split!

On September 15th at The Works coworking, you can expect many exciting lectures and motion design artworks to be presented right here in our hometown!

Motion Plus Design is the new industry leader promoting the art of Motion Design worldwide. Since 2015, their Paris-based firm has produced sold-out events in many of the biggest world cities showcasing the top motion designers, graphic artists, title animators, and creatives. Motion Plus Design will continue its global expansion into new and vibrant cities making Split one of them.

So, how about we meet the artists who will grace us with their presence and know-how? Well – let’s do it!

Josip Perić

Josip Perić – known also as The Hiena – is a product designer working as a freelancer for startups that work in science and Web3. He does counseling, design, strategy, motion, UX, and whatever else is needed.

Somewhat of a gaming geek, motion lover, cartoon watcher, and anime fan, he turned to making art and animation for fun as side projects during his spare time. Josip’s animated work is mostly frame-by-frame 2D animation inspired by childhood cartoons like Samurai Jack, anime legends, or Western shows like Primal.

One obsession in everything he creates is the flow of the piece or the shot.

He often combines digital with analog, 3D with 2D, or whatever is necessary for a specific result, and often works with motifs of nature and wildlife, where there is a presence of people, mixing in and out of reality. Josip is currently working on one animated short film and a few fun music videos.

Milivoj and Veljko Popović

Milivoj and Veljko Popović are established authors of domestic animated films, whose high production quality and consistency resulted in exceptional productivity and presence on the international film scene and collaborations with numerous other artists and producers.

Their Prime Render Studios produced several award-winning animated films that combine a high technical level of production with a specific Mediterranean narrative to which they are personally attached.

They are characterized by a clear articulation of concepts and ideas into content that captures attention, conveys narrative and emotion, and communicates with the viewer. However, making a film is a team effort, and its final appearance depends on the commitment of all collaborators involved in the project.

Within a team of storytellers, directors, artists, animators, and designers, collaboration is the basis of the realization of every project that this duo tackles.

In addition to traditional film production, Prime Render Studios has also combined an innovative way of working animating a film using blockchain technology. At this time, they are working on The Lokals – an animated collection of 5,000 NFTs that is still in the process of being realized in collaboration with artist Božo Balova and Blank.

Andrej Todorovski

Andrej Todorovski is a Motion Designer and Art Director based in Zagreb with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he had the opportunity to work on major projects for well-known regional and global media companies, and his realistic style with vibrant colors is primarily inspired by the POP culture of the last two decades.

Although he professionally works for clients, in his free time, he enjoys experimenting with digital tools and creating his own creations.

Andrej will talk about how and why he started working in Motion Design, showcase prominent projects, and discuss his insights into the industry from the perspective of both a beginner and a professional.

Join the artists!

As its creators – Ronan and Kook – would say, Motion Plus Design is the Art of Graphics in Motion. It is an Art that is exploding all over the world, carried by the new generations of artists among the most creative and sought-after in the entire design industry.

So, come and join the creative crowd on September 15th at The Works coworking space and take part in the first-ever Motion Plus Design event in Split where Alexandre Malheiro will serve as the event’s presenter, while the Croatian sponsor of the event is Zagreb’s Studio Size.

Tickets for the event are still available, so go get yours before there’s no more!

For more info about Split’s Motion Plus Design Satellites edition check out their Facebook and Instagram, and this brief but eye-catching video.

Photos, visuals, and videos: Motion Plus Design


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