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NFTartXpert: NFTs will become mainstream?! Let’s explore how…

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Nowadays, everyone’s buzzing about this thing called NFT technology, right? And it’s not just idle chatter. From artists to entrepreneurs and everyone in between, folks are eager to understand what NFTs are and how they can bring value to their lives and businesses.

Just last month, I attended the Web3Tales Conference in Zagreb, and it was clear as day that interest in this new technology is surging. And it’s not just techies, but people from all walks of life, who are curious and excited about the possibilities web3 and NFTs hold.

The vibe was electric, and I had the opportunity to lead my first-ever live NFT workshop. 🙂

I showed attendees how they could mint (that’s just a fancy word for creating) their own NFTs on OpenSea. And judging by the smiles and questions, the audience loved it!

But here’s the thing: to truly bring NFTs to the masses, we need to take a few important steps.

Educate through conferences

The first one is to organize more conferences, but this time specifically for beginners. Imagine a place where you could learn all about NFTs in plain, simple language. No complex jargon, just straightforward information. We need more events like Web3Tales where beginners can feel comfortable asking questions and start their journey into this new world.

Create accessible educational resources

Next, let’s flood the internet with easy-to-digest educational resources. Think about a library full of books, podcasts, and YouTube videos that can explain NFTs in a fun and engaging way. Websites like NFT Now and NFT Art Expert are already doing a fantastic job at this, and we need more of them!

Collaborate with educational institutions

Alright, this may sound like a big leap, but imagine if we could introduce this technology to students at schools, colleges, and universities. This would give a massive boost to the web3 community’s growth. Future generations could then step into the professional world already equipped with knowledge about this groundbreaking technology.

Highlight real-world NFT success stories

One of the best ways to understand something new is to see it in action, right? So let’s start sharing more stories about how NFTs are being used in the real world. From artists selling digital art to businesses using NFTs to represent ownership of physical items, the possibilities are endless!

Build a robust community

I cannot stress enough how important this is. You see, web3 and NFTs are all about community. We need to create a space where people can come together, share their experiences, learn from each other, and feel like they belong. A strong community can pave the way for NFTs to become mainstream.

Ultimately, it all boils down to education and problem-solving.

We need to teach people about NFTs and how this technology can help tackle real-world issues. The journey to making NFTs mainstream is like a puzzle. And education, real-world examples, and a solid community are the pieces we need to complete it.

If you want to start learning about NFTs, you can find me here:

Until next time!

Written by: Ivan Markov and ChatGPT-4 😀
p.s. The next article will be about ChatGPT. 😉


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