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The impact of AI on businesses

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


As ChatGPT quickly rose to prominence these last few months, talks about artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on our professional and daily lives have been at the heart of all discussions. In fact, it has a wide range of uses in business and companies are banking on AI assets for greater efficiency, faster insights, and enhanced customer experience.

To be more precise, the proportion of organizations adopting AI has doubled since 2017 as per the 2022 McKinsey Global Survey on AI.

As the AI market matures and becomes more mainstream, what are the common uses of AI today? What new trends can we expect to transform businesses in 2023?

Greater AI-Human collaboration

Deploying machines with built-in AI will allow human staff to perform more specialized duties and refrain from doing repeated and physically strenuous tasks. Furthermore, AI features can also enable teams to swiftly detect and respond to defects or failures, improving safety and lowering the cost of repairs and injury.

Collaborative robots or cobots will be more widespread in the fields of automotive manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, food and beverage, electronics, and defense.

Democratization of low-code and no-code AI

Low-code and no-code AI platforms have become increasingly popular in website and app development over the past few years allowing organizations to customize systems through pre-built templates and drag-and-drop methods.

AI market insiders also expect more cloud service providers to integrate AI into their offers due to its foreseen adoption in the long run.

As the use of those platforms is much cheaper and faster (as short as three days) than traditional methods, the democratization of low code/ no code AI among developers and “citizen developers”, those who have not taken formal coding sources, will exponentially grow.

The growing role of AI in marketing

Marketing is one of the areas of business operations where AI is and will drive tremendous change all the more.

Analysis of large quantities of data, personalization of campaigns, and automation are among the main advantages of integrating AI.

Furthermore, the task of placing the right advert in front of the right customer at the right time is simplified with Programmatic advertising platforms that compute data about user behavior, website analytics, and demographic information while including trends and patterns before humans can.

It allows marketers and brands to benefit from improved targeting of specific audiences with customized messages.


Cybersecurity has always been a never-ending race, but the rate of change is accelerating. As companies are layering more systems into their IT networks to support remote work, enhance the customer experience, and generate value, they are subject to new vulnerabilities while the scope of security threats is growing.

Hackers, once limited to individual actors, are now using advanced tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation.

Over the next several years, they will be able to shorten the lifecycle of their attacks from a few weeks to just days or hours. However, AI is also useful to deploy and oversee security, especially for data handling, vulnerability management by surveying networks and identifying patterns, and threat detection through predictive AI.

The future of AI

How might artificial intelligence be used in the future? Well, it is still difficult to say how technology will develop and impact the workforce. Most experts agree that AI will help organizations with two key things: efficiency and speed.

And one thing is certain for sure, it has the potential to dramatically remake the economy!

The article was written by: Tamara Habensus


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