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I want to start my own company in Croatia

Michael Freer

Michael Freer


starting company in croatia

Croatia isn’t a tax haven, nor is opening a company streamlined and online… yet. However, it is learning lessons from other countries and the government is working at their usual pace to bring things into the 21st Century.

To set up a simple company, you only need 10kn of startup capital, then at most 1000kn to cover all the other costs. There’s also the option of setting up as a sole trader/self-employed and keeping this as simple as possible, but then your liability isn’t limited to shares but taken on personally.

As one of the newest members of the EU, there are funds available to establish something new, either from the local job office or from a European fund, and both of these have their own criteria and procedures for applying. Information technology, digital skills, entrepreneurship and innovation are key themes that seem to run through quite a lot of the funding streams, which align perfectly with the majority of IT startups these days.

If you do your research you will see taxes are relatively high, with VAT at 25% and employee contributions also high, however salaries are lower than those in London and Berlin, which can lead to huge savings, whilst there are special government programs that can be used to employ certain groups such as students and unemployed people.

Here are a few links that might help you in finding out more information about startups in Croatia and support with your own business.

Split Tech City is interested in helping anyone start a business and can offer support along the way, after all we’ve been there and done it a few times – so get in touch!

  • HITRO.HR – the Croatian Office for Entrepreneurship, they can give you advice, help you start a company and share anything startup related
  • Technology Transfer Office (TTO) – this office encourages entrepreneurship at the university and supports others in advice on intellectual property, research and collaboration 
  • HAMAG-BICRO –These guys look to increase investment in Croatia and also offer funds and grants to local SMEs. They can advise foreigners on how to invest and offer tax incentives to big investors. Similarly, they advise those looking to set up locally about the whole business cycle, from idea – to running

So feel free to contact us at Split Tech City, we are looking forward hearing from you.


About author:

Michael Freer

Michael moved to Split at the end of 2015, and after a year and a half of living here, he decided to open his own start-up Ensoco. Ensoco supports social entrepreneurs with starting their own businesses, and with this in mind he saw the perfect fit to volunteer at Startup.hr.

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