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Exciting news from Harfa International School!

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We are always extremely happy to share great news from the Split Tech City community with our readers. Such is certainly the news about the recent expansion of the Harfa International School, which in September 2020 became the first international elementary school in Split.

The kind of education we all wish for

In Harfa, the kind of education we all wish for is a daily occurrence. The education in which the child is at the center of attention, the “one criterion for all” rule is not used, the talents and skills of each student are monitored individually, and the teachers serve as mentors so that everyone can reach their full potential.

“During the visit of the international commission, we received the highest marks.

Encouraged by their praise, starting next school year we are expanding and, in addition to the primary school, we are opening an international kindergarten and an international high school school”, Irena Orlović, the founder of HHarfa International School, shared with us.

This is really great news, which will especially please more and more internationals who decide to settle down in Split for a long time, but also all local people who want to provide their children with upbringing and education in an international environment.

A thousand reasons to choose Harfa International School

Of course, many want it, but might not be able to afford it. Considering that private schools are not co-financed by the state in any form, the monthly tuition in Harfa is HRK 4,375.00 (€580).

This tuition fee includes:

  • regular classes in the international school from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • additional courses in the form of workshops and activities (chess, drama, STEM workshops, etc.)
  • lunch and two snacks designed in collaboration with nutritionists
  • mentoring and encouragement to take responsibility for writing homework
  • support in adopting the concept of “how to learn properly”
  • workshops for children and parents several times a year
  • daily support for parents

In addition, parents also have access to an innovative computer program through which they have a direct insight into all the daily activities of their child every day, along with a textual description and photos, which is certainly another innovation in education.

The importance of learning and taking responsibility

We asked Irena to describe in more detail what education in Harfa International School looks like as an elementary school because we believe that the new programs will be implemented on the same track. She explained it to us:

“We follow the international IB Primary Years Program (PYP), which we harmonize with the curriculum of Croatia’s Ministry of Education. In classes, we use literature in English, but also in Croatian.”

Harfa is an international school, so the official language of communication is English, but the children also learn Croatian according to the Croatian school curriculum.

In addition to regular classes in the morning, lunch, and two snacks, students have organized additional time for studying and writing homework, as well as additional regular workshops, such as drama, chess, mental arithmetic, STEM workshops, music workshops, etc.

All of this serves the purpose of achieving desired academic results in an interesting and accessible way for children.

“Our teaching is based on research, project, and teamwork, and encompasses practical and field teaching, but above all focuses on a strong link between students and teachers who serve as mentors, while students take responsibility for the realization of teaching goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual level.

We teach them to understand the importance of learning and to recognize the power of their own responsibility in achieving all life goals, including the ones in school.”

Harfa International School – worldly and ours

At Harfa International School, Irena explains, they took the best out of different approaches, science, and practice – and adapted them to Croatian circumstances: “For us, the world does not revolve around grades, but around creating quality relationships between teachers and children, as well as strengthening trust, which is the basis of everything else.

Our goal is to encourage curiosity and develop a passion for learning through research, practical work, projects, and connecting information with real-life situations. We prepare children for the future in which they will be ready for all the challenges they will face, and that is actually the essence of education.”

Changes in education only require a lot of will and a lot of connecting with children in a way that is in line with their needs, our Irena points out:

“To some, it looks like we are just playing with the children, but science has proven that this type of learning is way more effective in the long term!”

We congratulate Harfa International School on its success so far and look forward to the new achievements of its creative team, which creates truly great changes!

Photo credit: Harfa International School


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