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Freelancers Week in Split

Michael Freer

Michael Freer


European Freelancers Week is just around the corner and once again the coworking spaces in Split  are joining forces to deliver an impressive program of talks for freelancers, digital nomads and those interested in finding out more.

Freelancing is taking Europe by storm and it is estimated that by 2020 50% of the European workforce will be made up of freelancers. A freelancer is someone that doesn’t have a fixed contract with one specific company, but instead works for a number of different companies providing them with a service which is usually paid through a freelancing contract. 

Typical freelancers include a range of designers and content or copywriters, however nowadays there has been a shift in many other areas to be freelancers including web design, photographers and programmers. This has seen the concept of ‘digital nomadism’ grow, especially over the past 4 years, with the eco-system of coworking, co-living and co-creating spaces popping up at the hottest diginomad destinations.

This shift has given Split’s European Freelancers Week a touch of nomad flavour as you will see by the events held below:

Keeping Dalmatia’s olive oil tradition alive

18h, 12.10 @ SaltWater

One of the joys of freelancing is that you decide where your desk is and when your hours are. Joe Orovic will tell you how he is able to combine his time working as a freelance writer whilst looking after over 200 olive trees.

Time management and goal setting as the Scenery Changes

10h, 13.10 @ SaltWater

Freelancers are used to change, be it change of contract, office or home, yet how do they manage it all? Anna Anderson shares her tips and tricks of the trade as someone who left NZ to live, work and freelance in China.

How to be a freelancer?

18h, 17.10 @ Amosfera

Ever wondered how to get into freelancing? We have a few freelancers who will tell you about their story, the highs and the lows and how they are doing this far along. It will have elements in Croatian and English, so come along and learn more.

Travel the world, but keep your job

18h, 18.10 @ WIP

Yes, it’s possible believe it or not. More and more digital nomad travel agencies are offering freelancers the full package so they can network, travel and work whilst having plenty of fun along the way. Find out how to do it at this talk!

Toptal Show and Tell

19h, 20.10 @ Amosfera

Toptal recruit the top 3% freelance talent in the world, and some of them will be in Split exchanging ideas and sharing interesting pieces of modern technology with you. From tech-oriented serverless architecture and embedded platforms to client communication and work-life balance, everyone is invited to come along!

Don’t know where the coworking spaces are? Visit their Facebook pages here:

Saltwater Workspace

Amosfera Coworking

WiP Coworking


About author:

Michael Freer

Michael moved to Split at the end of 2015, and after a year and a half of living here, he decided to open his own start-up Ensoco. Ensoco supports social entrepreneurs with starting their own businesses, and with this in mind he saw the perfect fit to volunteer at Startup.hr.

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