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ELEKS Croatia gives back to the community with charity activities!

Split Tech City

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The ELEKS team has been actively giving back to the local community, so we’re bringing you some news about their commendable activities directly from them! 🙂

ELEKS Croatia team helped refresh the Zlatno Doba space

ELEKS Croatia joined the volunteering activity on June 30th to refresh the Zlatno Doba space, making it more comfortable for its residents. ELEKS specialists generously dedicated their time to painting the walls and enjoying each other’s company.

Also, ELEKS donated $2,000 to the MI Volunteering Association to provide all the necessary resources for the space renovation.

The Zlatno Doba space in Split is a local hub for warm meetings, and various workshops, particularly for the older members of the Croatian and Ukrainian communities in Split.

It is with great pleasure that we contributed to enhancing their cozy place for socialization.

ELEKS Croatia team joined the volunteering initiative with Juraj Bonači Center in Split

ELEKS Croatia team recently partnered with the Juraj Bonači Center, one of the largest social services centers in Dalmatia. The center takes care of 650 people and provides social services to children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, carrying out training and the activities of primary and secondary education.

The day perfectly blended hard work and a community gathering!

The plan was to plant the laurel and cherry trees, help paint the fence, and do some other helpful things good for physical health and well-being.

It’s important for the ELEKS community to do good deeds together wherever we are present to save the environment and help different charity organizations fulfill their valuable goals.

Love this spirit of giving back! Great work, ELEKS! 😀

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