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Women In Tech

Women In Tech meetup is the only initiative in the Split region intended to popularize the tech sector, tech-related occupations, and entrepreneurship among girls and women, as well as connect women already working in IT.

Each Women In Tech event brings stories and experiences shared by many successful women who educate the attendees on specific topics and encourage and empower them to build and develop a career in tech.

The Women In Tech meetup was originally created because the community recognized the unique challenges girls and women still face in tech-related fields.

No matter where you are in your professional development, or what tech-related field you are in, this Split Tech City’s event for women and girls in the tech industry offers a broad range of support and resources to advance women in technology from the classroom to working in the field of their choosing.

It is important to offer young girls role models in the form of women who are already working in this field – the Women In Tech meetup is just the right thing for that!

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