Split Tech City is a community composed of well-intentioned and progressive companies, startups, associations, initiatives, institutions and individuals. Together we encourage and develop the IT sector of Split and the surrounding region.

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Synchrosfera  as an association provides support for startups in the initial phase of alpha prototypes development, and support includes organized networking of individuals/groups and provision of workspace. Networking support consists of connecting startup starters and associates, linking startup teams to mentors and educators, and promoting startups to the general public.

Synchrosfera support is provided by organizing events, coordinating team startups, and providing informations.

The Synchrosfera mission is to encourage new startup and empowerment of existing ones, facilitating the process of developing alpha prototypes of technological products.

The Synchrosfera  vision is the city of Split as a recognized place with rich opportunities to launch the development of alpha prototypes of new technologies.


Synchrosfera  goals are generating new startups with alpha prototypes, and generating new alpha prototypes of existing startups.

Synchrosfera support is open to individuals who want to start their own startup, for those who want to be included as start-up team members, and for organizations interested in startup partnerships.

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