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Silicon Castles

Silicon Castles is a Tech Company Builder and Strategic Business Accelerator for technology startups with focus on intellectual property (IP) licensing businesses, headquartered in Salzburg, Austria.

We develop European Diamonds: Technology startups with a unique business idea, scalable technology and outstanding intellectual property – the key to global success.

Silicon Castles is active in three main pillars:

1. Investing in early-stage startups with a great team, a promising idea, and innovative technology with strong IP – we like pain killers, not vitamins.

2. Accelerating startups by transforming ideas into IP and scalable products, leading growth from initial opportunities to global success and mentoring talents to become top-class performers.

3. Supporting the education of startup founders and executives.

Silicon Castles operates a global network with access to all major technology hotspots in Europe, the US and Asia.

Every year, Silicon Castles organizes an educational program, the Startup Executive Academy (SEA), an international Go-to-Market program for founders and executives of early-stage technology startups. The academy aims to enable startups to accelerate their business by providing highly relevant and practical input. The program is delivered by a world-class faculty from academia and business and led by Prof. Baba Shiv from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. The SEA is run as a hybrid program incorporating aspects of both a face-to-face and an online program.

In addition, Silicon Castles organizes Design Thinking workshops, the so-called Diamond Labs, to identify and shape the ideas of people from different disciplines, experiences, ages, and cultures. The Diamond Labs are guided and led by experts from Silicon Castles and focus on developing innovative ideas in the field of new technologies.

Silicon Castles GmbH

OIB: 71923239606

Adresa: Schlossallee 1, A-5412 Puch

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