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FESB Racing

FESB Racing is a student project of the University of Split with a long tradition in the design and manufacture of formula-style racing cars and Moto3 style motorcycles.

Comprising of young engineers from various academic backgrounds, our team is expanding every year to construct the best race car and motorcycle we can: a truly cutting-edge piece of automotive engineering!

After the design and assembly process, we participate in prestigious international competitions with other university teams from around the world.


In 8 years of existence our team has been on 6 competitions, built two formula-style cars, one Moto3 style motorcycle and ongoing construction of our second motorcycle.

Achieving better results from year to year has prompted us to participate in two different competitions for the first time, so in 2018 we will present the Formula Student Contest in Italy and the MotoStudent Contest in Spain.

Udruga primijenjenog strojarstva

Adresa: Ulica Ruđera Boškovića 32, Split

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