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BlockSplit launches a series of Web3 meetups in Split!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


BlockSplit, the largest Web3 conference in the heart of the Mediterranean, is thrilled to announce its partnership with ETH Belgrade in organizing its first BlockSplit meetup!

With this initiative, the BlockSplit team continues its mission to bring consistent value throughout the year to the Web3 community specifically and the local tech community in general.

BlockSplit is an international conference happening once a year in Split – the so-called Mediterranean Tech Hub. Its topics focus on blockchain business and development and its hosts are the Web3 and blockchain enthusiasts from UBIK – Croatian Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. The conference brings together blockchain startups, developers, researchers, investors, marketers, and designers.

The BlockSplit team will collaborate on this event with ETH Belgrade – a playground for exploring Ethereum possibilities. As part of Belgrade Blockchain Week, this three-day conference gathers extraordinary minds and Ethereum enthusiasts to share knowledge and spark ideas that will ignite the whole ecosystem.

And what’s best, as soon as the conference ends, the “after party” begins – the ETH Belgrade Hackathon, which gathers brilliant minds in three days of non-stop action.

The first BlockSplit meetup – “ETH Belgrade x BlockSplit DeFi Meetup” – will take place at The Works coworking space in Split on November 3rd starting at 18:00.

The BlockSplit meetup series aims to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge in the Web3 space through sharing of experiences and fostering a stronger community. The events will also be open to all blockchain enthusiasts and those interested in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi)!

The “ETH Belgrade x BlockSplit DeFi Meetup” will feature two prominent figures from the DeFi space who will share their in-depth knowledge and experiences with the meetup attendees:

  • TokenBrice from Liquity – TokenBrice is an unstoppable DeFi zealot dedicated to supporting the growth of DeFi protocols powered by immutable code. He is the Co-Founder of DeFi France, a DeFi Strategist at Liquity Protocol, and a LuchadoresNFT fanatic.
  • Kenny White from Shell Protocol – Kenny White, the founder and chief economist at Cowri Labs, is known for his work in founding the Shell Protocol. This innovative project offers low-slippage stablecoin trades by incorporating elements from various DeFi projects to create something truly unique. The Shell Protocol is paving the way for the future of internet money, providing deep liquidity and fungible LP tokens to users.

BlockSplit and ETH Belgrade invite all those interested to register and secure their place at the meetup.

The number of spots is limited, so register as soon as possible by visiting the EVENT PAGE.

Furthermore, with this meetup, the BlockSplit team is starting a series of Web3 meetups in Split while the ETH Belgrade team is launching its guest meetups initiativeETH Belgrade x. They sure make the regional Web3 community come to life even out of the scope of these two great conferences!

So, make sure you don’t miss the first in a series of interesting Web3 events in the region and grab your spot! 😀


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