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The fifth edition of BlockSplit made Split the center of the web3 and blockchain world!

Split Tech City

Split Tech City


The fifth edition of the BlockSplit conference wrapped up this week bringing us four days during which Split was visited by about 600 web3 experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from all over the world.

“It is inspiring that we had people who spoke about theory, but also a younger generation who is looking for new ways to shape our democracy.

I think that combination of experienced people and youthful enthusiasm is important,” said the Danish ambassador to Croatia, Ole Frijs-Madses, who spoke during the first day of the conference dedicated to digital democracy.

His Indian colleague, Raj Kumar Srivastava, emphasized the importance of the knowledge exchange that BlockSplit enabled: “It’s great that we were able to share experiences about different forms of management because what is happening in India can be a great lesson for people in Croatia and vice versa.

Knowledge exchange of this type can affect the whole world.

Equally, if Croatian entrepreneurs hear from me what is happening in India, they can apply that knowledge to the well-being of both countries.”

During the official part of the conference, in the two venues – Hrvatski dom and the City Puppet Theatre – the focus was on different aspects of the web3 ecosystem, while the cryptocurrencies were discussed exclusively from a scientific point of view: “Cryptocurrencies are important, but there are already other alternative payment methods that are accepted all over the world.

The impact of blockchain technology in the future will be more pronounced in other fields, such as decentralized science, e-democracy, or digital identity.

That’s why conferences like this are important because they promote other positive impacts on society,” emphasized the well-known American economist Glen Weil.

One of the stars of the conference was Audrey Tang, who for almost eight years has been Taiwan’s Minister of Digital Affairs and is now dedicated to promoting the use of blockchain in the development of digital democracy: “Blockchain technology has been used intensively in Taiwan for several years.

From digital voting to attracting people who want our citizenship, from internet security to developing digital industries that benefit our citizens. Our young people, even those under 18, use it for petitions or to collect funds for their goals.

Certainly, the impact is great and will definitely continue to grow in the years ahead.”

Gold sponsor of the fifth edition of BlockSplit, billionaire and philanthropist, John Lilich, in conversation with the co-founder of BlockSplit, Tomislav Mamić, said that he supported the conference because he was impressed with the growing web3 scene in Croatia.

“Croatia is an excellent country and I am particularly fascinated by the progressive culture among young people who are strongly oriented towards the future.

The startup community is thriving and I believe that this market is more resistant to crises due to its innate knowledge of how to deal with difficult situations, so I am really happy about all these young, educated, and brilliant people.”

This year’s edition of BlockSplit was also supported by Digitalna Dalmacija, General Magic, Web3Mine, Neuralab, Li.Fi and Jumper.exchange, and the organizers, satisfied with the response and with another successful conference, are already announcing the upcoming sixth edition next year in Split.

Photo credit: Maja Prgomet / BlockSplit


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