Split Tech City is a community composed of well-intentioned and progressive companies, startups, associations, initiatives, institutions and individuals. Together we encourage and develop the IT sector of Split and the surrounding region.

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Split Tech City

Split Tech City


Well, if you have decided to read this article after reading its title – we’re looking for you! 🙂

Who are we?

Split Tech City is the first formal association of Split’s tech community which includes companies, associations, institutions, meetups, and individuals.

We are focused on the tech community of Split and its surroundings because we want to do all we can to make our city an even better place to live, work, and study. However, given the possibilities offered by the wonders of the world wide web, we have the potential to influence a much greater area and many more people.

That is why the English section of our website exists – to bring the taste of that #SplitTechCityLifestyle worldwide!

What are we writing about?

Our target audience is everyone who works or is interested in Split’s tech community and technology in general. From developers to designers, from seasoned tech companies to budding startups, from industry professionals to students, from tech specialists to those interested in switching professions by going into tech.

We write for them and about them!

We share stories about people and companies, big and small, Croatian and international. We showcase the variety of Split’s tech ecosystem and spread the word that Split is more than just sun and sea. Even though, living here and enjoying #TechByTheBeach, we have plenty of that, as well!

Young Split Tech City volunteers at the Festival of Technology and Entrepreneurship

We highlight entrepreneurship and technology, celebrate victories and lessons learned from mistakes, and try to motivate all our readers to see Split the way we do – as a city where you can be successful and live well.

That’s what we’re writing about! 😉

What can you get out of this?

Depending on your skills and previous knowledge, we’ll either be helping you along the way to stardom or letting you shine brightly on your own from the first word you write. It’s up to you!

Aside from that, this is what you can expect:

  • mentoring and training provided by the Split Tech City team
  • an opportunity to meet and learn from various members of Split’s tech community
  • participation in workshops and lectures related to digital marketing
  • authorship, visibility, and an invaluable experience
  • written confirmation of your volunteer engagement
What do we need from you?

To write things, obviously! Joking aside, writing is what you’ll be doing – a lot! As well as planning your content, suggesting topics, and throwing your ideas into the mix. Are you up for it? 😉

Apart from writing, these are some of the things that we expect from you:

  • very good or excellent knowledge and command of the English language
  • a mind full of ideas and communication skills to share them with the team
  • writing texts related to technology and entrepreneurship with a special focus on Split and the region
  • be willing to cooperate with other team members and volunteers
  • volunteer engagement of approximately 3 hours a week (Or more – if you’re up to it!)
Become a Split Tech City author!

If you’re still reading then this might be “your thing”. 😉

And we’re really looking forward to meeting more enthusiasts who will spread the word about all things tech and Split together with us!

In addition to interviews with interesting experts, reports from great events, and articles on current topics, you can even have your own column about the field you work in, are interested in, or even want to improve in and could do with some research. Not even the sky is the limit!

And you will have your “safety net” – the Split Tech City team will always be there for you with advice and support. 🙂

If all of this sounds interesting to you, contact us – and let’s write memorable stories together! 😀


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Split Tech City

We are the first formal association of Split’s tech community which includes companies, associations, institutions, meetups, and individuals.

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