Catching up with Antonio Perić, CEO and Co-Founder at Locastic

This week we found ourselves in the Google-esque office of Locastic, a local IT company who specialise in web and mobile development. 

A warm blue room welcomed us, furnished with a long bar table and high stools, a comfy sofa, as well as table tennis, a TV and a games console. 

Antonio was there waiting and soon showed us around the office that he had transformed from an empty warehouse into a vibrant tech office. It boasts two meeting rooms, a large main office area, a kitchen where our coffee was being brewed and bathrooms equipped with showers for those that run or cycle to work, or head to the gym during the day.

We had our coffee first, a must in Croatia, before chilling out and chatting on the sofa. Locastic has been running for 6 years now, and has both local and international clients, offering them mobile and web development. Over the past few years it has increased its engagement with the local tech community, offering placements for students from the local university who study computer science, to gain those real skills that they will need in their professional lives later.

Furthermore, Locastic is also the organiser and home of the meetup Tinel – a Dalmatian word meaning living room, where they attract speakers from all over the world to talk about a range of topics, usually tech related but not always. April’s edition was about GDPR, and after our interview we talked about our own expectations of this hot topic.

Check out this week’s video where Antonio shares more about Locastic, Tinel, and the future of the Tech Sector in Split.


Also, you can find our other videos on our YouTube channel.

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